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Reasons to consider SCHEDULED C-Section delivery 2018

Reasons to consider SCHEDULED C-Section delivery

If you’re a mom-to-be together with your heart set on a vaginal birth, the news that your baby needs (or might need) to be delivered by cesarean section might feel disappointing.

Visions of giving birth the means you’ve perhaps always dreamed can sometimes be suddenly displaced by worries regarding the surgery, being stuck within the hospital longer, and also the tougher recovery (not to say the scar).

While any surgery may be a proposition that should be taken seriously, with some mental and emotional preparation, you'll feel empowered if a caesarean delivery seems within the cards.

Reasons for a regular caesarean delivery

Your doctor might peg you for the procedure prior to of your date. some factors which may necessitate a cesarean section:

Certain medical conditions

You've got a chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease that causes vaginal delivery dangerously nerve-wracking to your body (and birth by caesarean delivery a safer option).


If you’re HIV-positive or have an active genital herpes infection, a regular caesarean delivery is necessary because both viruses can be transmitted to your baby throughout delivery.

Your baby’s health

A sickness or a congenital condition would possibly make the already difficult journey through the birth canal even more treacherous for your baby.

An oversized baby

Sometimes your baby is just too large (a condition referred to as macrosomia) to move safely, if at all, through the birth canal (especially if you’ve gained more than the recommended amount of weight throughout pregnancy).

Your weight

Being obese significantly will increase your likelihood of needing a c-section delivery, partly because of the opposite risk factors that usually accompany obesity (like gestational diabetes), and partly as a result of obese women tend to have longer labors (which, in turn, ups your risk of ending up on the in operation table).

Your age

Whereas being older doesn’t guarantee a cesarean delivery by any means, the chances of getting one increase with age.

Breech position

Once your baby is either feet-first or butt-first in a breech position and cannot be turned, your doctor would possibly decide that a c-section is necessary.


The chance of the procedure will increase with the number of babies you’re carrying.

Placental issues

If the placenta is partially or fully blocking the cervical gap (placenta previa) or has separated from the uterine wall (placental abruption), a c-section is probably going to be safer for you and your baby.

Other complications

If you develop preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure) or eclampsia (a terribly rare progression of preeclampsia that affects the central nervous system, inflicting seizures) and treatment isn't working, your doctor would possibly opt for a cesarean section to protect both of you.

A previous caesarean delivery

While having a first cesarean raises your risk of subsequent procedures, childbirth after c-section, or VBAC, is frequently successful and often recommended.

If your doctor says that a caesarean delivery is necessary — or likely necessary — ask for a detailed explanation of the reasons and if there are any alternatives open to you.


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