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Baby Boy Frog Potty Urinal Pee Toilet Bathroom Training review 2018

The ULTIMATE TRAINING URINAL for boys! Frog Potty Urinal saves hours of clean-up!

Many boys opt to pee standing up. One drawback. Your toilet is simply too tall for your little man to pee into while not creating one monster of a mess.

That’s where potty training urinals come in. Basically a boy sized urinal, a training urinal can enable your child to practice his aim at a comfortable height. Potty training simply got exciting for young boys!


Why need urinal potty training?

Baby Boy Frog Potty Urinal Pee Toilet Bathroom Training

Pee like daddy

Youngsters learn by imitating their parents. If your little boy has seen pappa pee standing up then he will probably need to go to the bathroom a similar means. Your little boy are much more enthusiastic about potty training if he will move to the bathroom the same way that daddy did.

He must learn someday

Whether or not you prefer it or not, someday your little boy goes to pee standing up. He would possibly as well learn the way to aim while young. it's a lot of less embarrassing to clean up once a boy who is potty training than one who is way older.

Makes potty training easier

Most are totally different and some boys go for potty training a lot faster if they're able to pee standing up.


Super cute Frog Baby Training Urinal With Wheel Spinner For Boys

Frog Boy Kid Baby Child Toddler Pot melaka

Tests have confirmed time and time again that our little ones learn 3 times faster while they are having fun than being told to do something or even when forced to learn. The froggy shaped urinal creates a wonderful and enjoyable experience for boys and learning how to pee like a big boy happens fast and naturally. Grab a fantastic bargain today before they are gone for good.


Baby Boy Frog Potty Urinal Pee Toilet Bathroom Training

Benefits for your success

The Froggy Training Urinal saves hours of clean-up as your child is transitioning from potty to standing up to pee. Attach this light, bright urinal to the wall of your bathroom at just the right height and drastically reduce the time spent in the bathroom cleaning up after your little trainee.

  • Bright colored bathroom urinal in adorable frog shape is perfect for little boys
  • Versatile design for easy mounting to wall or upright, freestanding use on the floor
  • Removable bowl insert makes for quick and easy cleaning ; washes in sink or tub
  • Fun spinning target offers entertainment, helping mommy with potty training
  • Lightweight design and kid-appropriate size eliminates messes and transition

How to

Baby Boy Frog Potty Urinal Pee Toilet Bathroom Training

This urinal is fixed mainly by the sucker. Shipping times on promotional sale items are 2-3 weeks.
Material: BPA-free
Suitable: For 8 month to 6 years old children.


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      so i taught both of my littel girls how to pee pee standing up incase they would have to ina situation so i would take them outside both of us would be naked from the waste down wed be in a private place outside of course and i would just teach them so with my second daughter kaera i got a froggy urinal so in 2013 i stsrted potty training her standing up so she loved the froggy urinal so she kept using it

      So I first baught the green one for Harlow own ive baught the blue one so it works so well for her she’s tomboyish like very and she always wants me to use it

      I started using this urinal for my 2 yro little cousin Harlow she absolutely loves it so she was determined to learn how to pee standing up even tho she’s a girl and would make a mess on the toilet seat so I baught her this urinal and it’s her favorite thing in the house

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      It really works, helps my little boy potty train


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