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Mom's Best Friend Forever


There’s a place where shopping for that perfect something is magical. One that transports you, surprises you and truly wows you. Where the act of seeking is almost as special as what you find. Because it’s not just merchandise, but memories that will last a lifetime

What great?! At Halomama, we also have bestfriend for our beloved babies! Mickey mouse and friend! you can find cute and the most stylish design of accessories in here!



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Disney Baby Feeding Spoon
RM 39.90 RM 49.90
Save 14%
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Disney Silicone Bibs
RM 35.90 RM 39.90
Save 23%
Disney Baby Comfort Toys
RM 45.90 RM 59.90
Save 23%
Disney Baby Carrier Hug
RM 99.90 RM 129.90
Save 21%
Save 12%