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unscheduled c-section (caesarean delivery)

Reasons for an unscheduled caesarean delivery (c-section)

Far more often, the requirement for a cesarean section isn't obvious until a woman is well into labor. some of the most common reasons:

Labor doesn’t begin

If your labor simply can't seem to get moving in the first place (your cervix is not dilating although you are having contractions) — after 24 or 25 hours for a first-time mother and fewer for consequent deliveries — your doctor would possibly decide on surgery.

Labor stalls

You would possibly sail right through the early stage of labor (dilation to 3 centimeters), only to grind to a halt. whereas it's possible that oxytocin or another labor stimulator may jump-start the contractions, if the matter is that your baby's head is just too big to fit through your pelvis (which is that the case concerning half the time) a cesarean birth is necessary.

Exhaustion or fetal distress

If your doctor determines that you’re becoming too exhausted, or if the fetal monitor is finding out signs of your baby in distress, he or she might opt for a cesarean.

A prolapsed umbilical cord

If the umbilical cord slips into the birth canal before baby does, it'll be compressed as your baby comes through, that may interrupt his or her oxygen supply.


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