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Mom's Best Friend Forever
10 reason why you must breastfeed, benefits of breastfeed

10 AWESOME benefits of Breastfeeding !

Here at Halomama.com, we cant stress this enough the importance of Breastfeeding! We even have 4 article related to breastfeed :

But did you know the benefits of breastfeeding?

Remarkable benefits and blessings of Breastfeeding

Below are 10 benefits of breastfeeding, with old and recent discoveries !


breastfeed helps restore iron in pregnant women

1. Keep you nourished with Iron

The benefits of breastfeeding as for mom is also a great deal for toddlers. Amenorrhea or absence of a menstrual duration, happen to all women for the first 4-6 weeks after delivery. But, for women who prefer to solely breastfeeding, this circumstance can be closing to at least two times as long compared to mothers who chose to bottle feed. By now not having a period, it helps breastfeeding mothers to repair their iron supply which takes a tremendous hit at some point of during pregnant, labor and healing.


breasfeed reduce health risks

2. Keep your reproductive organs in excellent standing

Non-breastfeeding mothers have a higher danger of ovarian, uterine, and breast cancers. This may be because of the repeated ovulatory cycles and exposure to better ranges of estrogen from now not breastfeeding. in a single examine, researchers located that breastfeeding from 6 to 24 months at some stage in a mom’s reproductive season can also lessen the risk of breast cancer by using 11% to 25 % (Lyde 1989; Newcomb 1994).


breastfeed reduce chances to get cancer

3. Decreases the danger of heart diseases, diabetes, weight problems & different awful stuff

Lead researchers observed that mothers who breastfeed for one year and longer were

  • 9% less likely than others to have cardiovascular sickness
  • 12% less probable to have excessive blood strain
  • 20% less possibly to have diabetes
  • 19% much less in all likelihood to have abnormally high tiers of fat within the blood

And these advantages of breastfeeding aren’t only for mother themselves! Breastfed toddlers, as adults, are have fewer cardiovascular risk elements as they've decreased the body mass index (BMI) and higher HDL (“good” cholesterol).

Breastfeeding protects towards developing chronic sicknesses together with:

  • celiac disorder
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • bronchial asthma
  • early life cancers.


breast milk reduce orthodontic treatment tips by halomama baby shop malaysia melaka

4. Decreases chances for metal (Orthodontic treatment) in your child’s mouth

As Breastfed babies have grown with facial muscle improvement due to suckling on the breast. In evaluation, formula-fed toddlers have worse jaw alignment and are much more likely to need orthodontic treatment as they become older. additionally, breast milk’s microorganism or bacteria able to prevent tooth decay.


breast milk reduce eye ilness

5. Less probability for your kid to wear glasses

Studies has shown that the breastfed and formula-fed babies show clear development in breastfed babies is much better, specifically premature infants. Numerous ascribed it to the DHA in breast milk that is one of the prime structural part of the retina inside the eyes. As the breast milk contribute to the eyes development, it grows and improvise in term of functionality.


breast milk reduce cancer when daughter growsn up

6. Reduce the risk of breast cancer development when your daughter became older

The blessings of breastfeeding go beyond her childhood. Women have a 25% decreased threat of developing each pre/postmenopausal breast most cancers if they had been breast fed as a baby, although for a short period of time.


breastfeeding the breast milk to baby increase or boost immune system of infant

7. Boosts immune system

Breast milk is generally known as the best first food for infant. Not only that, it contains antibodies that protect your infant from various of sickness. If you breastfeed your infant, he/she will have a stronger immune system and be better resilient to bacteria, germs, viruses, and other exposures.


breastfeeding reduces risk of SIDS by 50%

8. Prevent or reduce the chances of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

A huge German studies published in 2009 determined that both partial breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding has correlation with a reduced in SIDS. In fact, the researchers concluded that breastfeeding at one month of age reduce the threat of SIDS by half!

Not only that, the researcher in New Zealand shown that SIDS is THREE times higher in babies who were not breastfed compared to babies who is breastfed. Heck, the risk for SIDS to happen is higher from not breastfeeding compared to the mother smoking while pregnant!


make babies become foodies or acceptable to vegetable

9. Increases the chance for your kid to be a foodie

If you want your kid to try broccoli or other vegetables, better breastfeed your babies! With the subtle adjustments within the breast milk, together with when you have that garlic chicken, breastfed babies generally tend to accept various of foods when they start to consume solids compared with formula-fed babies.


mother natural high while breastfeeding or with the help of breast pump medela melaka malaysia

10. Causes you to get natural mama “high”

The advantages of breastfeeding are to get better! While you nurse your baby, it stimulates your body to release the hormone oxytocin, which produces calmness and even sleepiness.

This will explain the reason why breastfeeding mothers revel in much less postpartum depression and have fewer incidences of infant abuse and domestic violence. Furthermore, your body releases endorphins at some point during breastfeeding which contribute to your well-being and cause you that natural high.

I know that not all mothers able to breastfeed you baby but if some you wanted to breastfeed, I just want you to know that there are lots of GOODNESS in breastfeeding. If you truly love your child, BREASTFEED THEM. Unless, if you busy with other stuff that need to be done, we have various breast pump and accessories that helps you to breastfeed.


Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead!

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