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4 simple step for preventing sickness illness melaka halomama

4 SIMPLE things to do for preventing your child from sickness!

To avoid your child from illness, everything must begin from prevention. Like most of parents, of course you want your child to be safe and healthy from sickness and diseases. When your child is sick, not only you have to take care of them, but you definitely feel bad and overwhelmed with worries. To prevent sickness, you need to boost your kid’s immune system, from breastfeeding them to consuming supplements and live healthy lifestyle.


Everything begin from prevention

To prevent those sickness/disease or illness, we need to put those prevention habits into our lifestyle.


good diet can prevent sickness illness


One of the best way to prevent sickness is from our diet itself. The best diet for us to stick is a low sugar diet (Ref). Low sugar (simple sugar) intake able to control blood glucose levels in body of people with diabetes mellitus. This Type 2 diabetes can affect all people, regardless of age.


dash diet is good for lower blood pressure topfers melaka malaysia


This eating routine is recommended to lower the blood pressure level. This dietary is recommended by US National Heart, Lung and Blood institute for preventing and controlling the hypertension.


gluten free diet is good for diabetes patient and iron calcium and vitamins deficiency

Gluten Free Diet

This diet is the main treatment for celiac disease like celiac spure since those people with the sickness have difficulties absorbing nutrients and vitamins. Certain individual may need additional supplements such as iron, calcium and vitamins due to deficiencies.


consume supplement to enhance healthy diet plan and boost immune system


similarly, to a healthful food plan. Consuming immune boosting supplements is preferable on daily basis. However, those are a must during winter and summer but also good to consume it every few days in the spring and summer.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3 K2
  • Probiotics
  • Elderberry syrup
  • Raw local honey (not those you bought at convenient shop, they might be fake)

What action you can take to prevent illness and protect your child

When you heard your child coughing or sniffling, below are action I recommend to take:


slow dork your daily life took notice to take care of your family

1. Slow down whatever you doing, whether work life or daily routine, take care your family first!

Someone in your family starting to get sick, slow down, take a chill pill. You’ve probably busy with schedule and other stuff but the only way to speed up their recovery is to take care of them properly. Skip some workload, get them to bed early to get enough rest. Consult your healthcare provider and consuming medications on time and adequately.


double you intake of supplement when someone is sick or give them to consume it tips by halomama.com top baby shop topfer milk melaka 

2. Two-fold your daily supplements

If there is a sickness (like cold or flu), give them elderberry syrup! Why elderberry syrup? Elderberry is a natural remedy for mild cold and flu. It contains vitamin A, B and C, plus it stimulates the immune system!

Double up supplements like vitamin C and Probiotics and consume both of them two times per day.


oregano oil is awesome and powerful natural medicine to boost your health

3. Take Oregano oil

This underutilized natural “medicine” that is powerful for almost anti-anything! (Ref) It is advisable to keep oregano oil capsule on hand when you noticed there is sign of sickness in the house and consume it immediately.


propolis is good for sore throats and cough

4. Consume Propolis

Propolis is good for sore throats and coughing’s. Give your child propolis and eat some for yourself. If you have that itchy throat feeling, propolis always do the trick!


As for babies, their immune system is sensitive and easily catch illness if you not breastfeed and provide the proper care for them. We at Halomama.com has selections of good organic and natural products like milk for infants, older babies and others!

They contain important vitamins and minerals, Probiotic, contains natural bifidobacteria and specially developed according to the latest scientific nutritional research.

Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead! :)






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