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mimijumi 8 oz malaysia melaka

Mimijumi – Probably the BEST baby bottle of 2018? Our review and why this unique baby bottle deserve your money!

Like I mention in “The ULTIMATE guide to Breast pumping from A to Z !” article, things like nipple confusion could happen where your baby refuses to latch no matter what you do. Moreover, when babies started to drink from bottle, a few mothers can experience some difficulties getting them back onto the breast.



You definitely don’t want that to happen right? Still feeling that traditional breastfeeding is “right” way and scared that your bay wont latch after feeding them with baby bottle? Don’t worry, this nipple-like baby bottle is here for you!


mimijumi 8 oz baby bottle with nipple like pacifiers malaysia melaka


Our review will tell you why this baby is currently being in high demand!  This Mimijumi baby bottle is trying to imitate the experience similar to breastfeeding. Even the looks and shape is almost the same like human bossom. The pinnacle of the Mimijumi bottle is a flesh-coloured which seems very similar to a human breast as this baby bottle is designed to appear and feel like a breast, as a way to, in idea, to provide smooth transition from breastfeeding to baby bottle or vice-versa.


mimijumi with innovative teats design human like breast melaka halomama


With innovative nipple design to replicates a mother’s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. In baby bottle product category, Mimijumi provide the most natural feeding experience as possible.


This product has an advanced nipple design from its earlier versions. If you purchased the Very Hungry version, you will get an 8oz bottle, nipple protection cap which is hygienic and leak proof, the snaps on/off, and finally a compatibility with Not So Hungry Bottle version.


This Mimijumi baby bottle is of course, BPA and latex free (excellent for child who has latex allergic reaction like I mention in last article, “Looking for pacifier? We'll guide you how to properly choose and buy baby pacifiers!”).


Plus, if you busy carrying or holding your baby, you able to open and close the bottle with only one hand. In addition, this Mimijumi is integrated with guards or venting to prevent baby from intake excessive air that may lead to colic. Basically, this Mimijumi bottle has unique design that could reduce and may keep your babies from colic (Ref).


Easy to use

It has skid-free base, so you could the prepare the bottle for feeding with only one hand.

something mothers may admire about this bottle is that the nipple screws is exactly onto the bottle and so there’s no need for extra lid. Thus, there will be no hassle trying to seek the perfect seal as it wont leak.


Mimijumi comparison with other brand of baby bottles:


Mimijumi bottle vs Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles (SHOCKING DEAL 50% OFF)


mimijumi compared to tommee tippee baby bottle by Halomama.com


Tommee Tippee CTN Bottles has a softer nipple whish more suitable for newborn babies. However, Mimijumi nipple is more solid and reasonably firm that is better for older babies. Click here to view our selection of Tommee Tippee. We offer the best price guaranteed!


Mimijumi bottle vs Comotomo - Natural Feel Baby Bottle


mimijumi vs comotomo baby bottle best price baby shop melaka halomama


For Comotomo baby bottle, its material is soft like skin feeling and has a squeezable body compared to Mimijumi which is solid. But if you prefer a consistent or even flow design, then Comotomo is the right baby bottle for you. It has natural shape and curver. Unless, for moms who prefer the firm feel of traditional bottle, definitely Mimijumi baby bottle is your choice.


Why this Mimijumi Baby Bottle is WORTH YOUR MONEY

  • BPA and Latex free
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to clean
  • Integrated venting prevents colic
  • Screw on one-piece nipple
  • Skid-free base
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe
  • Single part construction means fewer parts to clean
  • Minimal assembly - simply attach the nipple to the bottle
  • Exceeds US safety standards
  • Compatible with Not So Hungry Bottle



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