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Your baby nails grow so fast? Its time to trim them properly with this guide! :)


Should I trim my baby's nails?
Newborn babies tend to possess soft, versatile and fast-growing nails. They'll simply become long and ragged. You probably worry that your baby will claw his face with them throughout the early weeks when they still can’t  control their movements. 


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It’s best to maintain your baby’s nails clean and short to prevent scratches. You may try putting mittens or socks on your baby's hands. Or keep your baby wrapped up so that his hands are safely contained.


Babies’ fingernails grow so quickly that you simply might got to trim them over once per week. His toenails grow additional slowly, therefore you will only ought to trim them a few of times a month.

It's normal for newborn babies' toenails to curl over, following the contour of the toe, partially as a result of the soft and thin initially.


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Your baby's nails can shortly harden and develop a firmer, free edge. in the meantime, it are often hard to tell that little bit of the nail growth remains attached to the quick.

If you trim too low, the tip of your baby's finger can bleed, and this creates a risk of infection. therefore find the way of shortening his nails that you simply feel comfortableand assured with.


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How do I trim my baby's nails without nicking his fingers?
The easiest way to keep your baby's nails short within the early days could also be to merely peel the ends off with your fingers. His fingernails are so soft that the excess can come back away easily. 

Otherwise you might try utilizing baby nail scissors, or baby nail clippers, that have specially rounded ends. Or try filing his nails using a nail file, or emery board. Filing is that the safest way to in the early weeks before the nails harden. An emery board will neaten off any jagged edges once cutting, too.


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If you would like to trim your baby’s nails using baby nail scissors or clippers, you wish to try and do this carefully. Press the finger pad away from the nail to avoid nicking his skin, and keep a firm hold on his hand as you cut or clip. 


If you mistakenly nick the skin, try to not worry. Gently hold a bit of clean, damp cotton wool on the cut and apply a bit pressure. The bleeding can before long stop. Don’t use a plaster, as your baby might choke on it.


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Trimming your baby’s nails could also be easier if there’s another adult to assist. One in all you'll gently hold him and keep him from wriggling too much whereas the other trims his nails

You may also want to try cutting your baby's nails once he’s calmer, perhaps when he’s feeding or sleeping. 

When you’re shortening your baby’s fingernails, trim around the curve of his finger. Trim his toenails straight across, however don’t cut them too short. do not cut the side of his toenail, as this could cause ingrown nails. Do not probe into the sides of his nails as this might cause an infection. 

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