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Mom's Best Friend Forever
bumbo multi seat melaka

Seat that grows with your kids! Bumbo Multi Seat 3 Stage with bright colors!

The Bumbo Multi Seat takes the possibility of the Floor Seat (First Stage) however expands its utilization longer time of usage. During child feeding sessions, you simply need the Bumbo as a place to sit, it turns into a Feeding Seat equipped with a tray (Second Stage) and after that a Booster Seat as for the table (Third Stage).



The seat is totally extraordinary, it's a multi-seat that basically GROWS as your infant develops. It has a tough external plastic, a removable foam pad, chair straps, 3-point harness and a tray, that can transform into three seat stages – floor, for feeding session and seat booster. It can be made somewhat higher or lower with the grey height-adjustable base at the bottom. There are additionally rubber bits on the base so that it doesn't slide on the floor.

bumbo multi seat malaysia


In case you're thinking about how a seat can accommodate accordingly when your baby grows, this is due to removable foam pad. When the baby is large enough and no longer need it, just take it out.





The Bumbo Multi Seat can be strapped to chair with straps on the sides.

bumbo multi seat demo dining table side strap


The straps are adjustable to make them tight around the seat. Below are the MINIMUM dimensions of adult chair for the booster seat to be used on.

bumbo minimum chair dimension requirement


The third stage of the Bumbo Multi Seat is for toddler, where you can take the foam pad off and store it inside the seat (another awesome space-saving!). Bumbo recommend to utilize the safety harness until the child is around 2-and-half years of age, when he/she can get in and out of the seat independantly.


What amazing thing about the Bumbo Multi Seat it is design for portability and how compact it is, so parents can bring it anywhere without much hassle.

bumbo second stage suitable for dining and serve as booster seat

If you are short on space but have dining chair then this compact booster seat is ideal for you. It has a smooth and clean outline, with built-in storage for tray, foam insertion and straps, and will safely strapped to any chair.


Verdict : Very durable seat with brilliant and bright colors.

 Feature & Benefits

  • Lightweight and exceptionally portable
  • Retractable seat strap that can be put away inside base
  • Consistent design for simple cleaning
  • Built-in storage for tray and foam pad
  • Adjustable height for two positions


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Thank you and have a good dayy!


Guide instructions below :

bumbo manual guide for usage

bumbo instruction guide


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