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Why you NEED to use sterilizer and Our review of waterless COBY UV sterilizer.


 Germ and bacteria in baby bottles

protect your baby from bacteria and germ by sterilizing the baby bottle with COBY UV MELAKA

Dangerous and harmful microorganisms like germ and bacteria develop rapidly in milk. That is the reason why it is recommended that you keep on sterilizing bottles, bottle teats, breast pumps and other feeding equipment and accessories until your child at least one-year-old.

Your newborn baby’s immune system is still sensitive and not yet fully developed and they more susceptible to infection and sickness compared to older children. Hence, cleanliness is vital when preparing your feeding session accessories and especially the baby bottles.



Your baby is most vulnerable to diseases and illnesses during the first year of his life. If bottles are not sterilized, then you risk having bacteria build up and potentially causing your baby to become ill. Fortunately sterilizing your baby’s bottles and nipples are simple with Coby UV Sterilizer!


Be sure to thoroughly clean the bottles and other feeding equipment as soon as your baby finished their food and milk. Use a brush to properly clean up the remaining dried milk.


coby uv melaka malaysia sold by halomama.com


Why use a sterilizer?

Regardless of whether formula or breast milk feeding with baby bottle, it's very important to keep the baby bottles thoroughly clean and safe. By sterilizing your baby bottle, it protects your baby from germs and diseases. With a sterilizer like Coby UV, it'll get the job done quickly and convenient without much hassle.


Not only that, sterilizing also protect your little joy from ingesting microorganisms that may have built up inside the container.


Sterilizer have progressed significantly from electric steam and microwave. Nowadays, there are sterilizer that utilized ultraviolet ray to kill those pesky germs, bacteria, mold and viruses. UV sterilizing technology is widely used in hospital but now they available for home usage like Coby UV Sterilizer that will deep cleaned your baby bottles and feeding accessories easily.


coby uv malaysia melaka


Another PLUS: Convenience!

Let's face the truth, sterilizing do require some efforts! Boiling water and clean up utensil and so on, oh be aware of cook fire too!

Coby UV not only eliminate germs, but all those hassle of sterilizing routine.


Besides,  sterilizing your kiddo toys with hot water not really practical. With UV sterilizing, toys and other stuff can be sterilized as well.



With every purchase of Coby UV from Halomama.com or at our walk-in shops at Cheng, Melaka,

You will get FREE GIFT: COBY UV with Tommee Tippee breast milk storage bag and Mombella Teether

Coby UV helps to prevent a lot of common diseases among babies/ infants! These diseases are such as flu, chicken pox, hand food and mouth disease, diarrhea etc. So, in long term you save a lot of time and medical treatment!


- Single button operation
- Eliminates up to 99.9% germs and bacteria
- Low heat rate below 50 celcius
- Waterless
- Can be used on almost everything
- Energy saving up to 70%.

Brand: Coby
- Waterless Germs Eliminator
- Low temperature drying
- Super Silent
- 99.9% deactivation of bacteria
- No burn risk
- Energy Saver

Size (length*width*height):
32cm x 34.8cm x 35cm

coby uv malaysia melaka description sold by halomama.com


coby uv faq



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