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Tummy time for your babies! A MAJOR STEP for other PYHSICAL MILESTONES

Tummy time for your babies! A MAJOR STEP for other PYHSICAL MILESTONES

benefits of tummy time info compiled by halomama


What is Tummy Time?


Tummy time is time when lay on his stomach while being alert or awake. Setting the baby on his tummy by placing them on tummy first, this will stimulate him to lift his head, which strengthen his head, neck and shoulder muscles and boost their motor skills.


Advantages of tummy time:


  • Its like training for other body movements,for example crawling, rolling over and sitting upright
  • Improves overall motor skills
  • Encourage the use of lesser-utilized muscle parts in body
  • Prevents plagiocephaly (Flat head syndrome)
  • Make it easier for baby to master head control
  • Relieves gas pain
  • Exposes them to various kind of environment


start tummy time earlier is better with encouragement using baby toys melaka


When the right time to start tummy time ?


There is no exact time to start tummy time, but the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents start early. Actually, baby born with no medical problems can begin their tummy time from their first day at home from hospital as long you and your infant are both awake and be caution while you supervised them.


However, its not surprising if infant loathes tummy time and those initial efforts are met with some resistance. "Babies usually don't like it and get cranky about it" said Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health pediatrician Michael McKenna, M.D.

"The first time, they might only be down there for a minute before they start screaming. It's about getting them used to being in that position. You'll probably have to start with short sessions and work your way up" said him.


how long tummy time per session? use baby mat melaka while tummy time


To what extent Should Tummy Time Last?


For a newborn baby, you should do tummy time for 2-3 times a day, 3 to 5 days a week, with 3-5 minutes per sessions, preferable after naptime and during playtime. "You can stop or take breaks in there if your baby is having a tough time" said pediatrician Ashanti Woods, M.D.


As they get older and begin to enjoy their "workout" time, slowly increase the duration and amount of tummy time per day. Go for 20 to 30 minutes every day of tummy time when he is 3 or 4 months old. At that point keep the training up until they can roll over on his own, usually between 6 or 7 months of age only can achieve that.


Step by step How to Tummy Time


how to tummy time with baby toy melaka


Like most activities, tummy time is truly direct:

  • Set-up a delicate, safe space and lay infant down. A blanket or a tummy time mat firm, flat surface works well. The floor is a perfect spot, however you can likewise lay your newborn child face-down on your stomach or chest or over your lap.
  • If child doesn't react to tummy time without on their own, try to engage them. Seeing your face can be motivating enough for child to lifting their head from your body


See how it all plays out and how the child reacts to tummy time. You may need trial and error with their positions. Unless if, the child truly can't handle with being on their stomach, think about laying her on her side.

This AAP-recommended position has baby on a blanket, laying on her side, with a rolled-up towel behind her back and a rolled-up washcloth under her head for support  (if necessary). Get both of child's arms front of them and the two legs forward, bending their knees for comfort. Make sure to move them to the alternating side each 10 to 15 minutes.


tummy time tips information collected by halomama.com


Tummy Time Tips


Ideally, your newborn child will push up and move around without assistance of anyone else during tummy time, however, he'll require some incitement to keep him engaged. Take out maybe a couple tummy time toys and placing them a little bit distant from them, so the baby needs to extend himself to get them.


Have a go at holding a brightly soft toy or shaking a rattle close to their face to provide them distraction from task at hand. Or then again enroll his most loved toy! "Lay down there with your baby" McKenzie proposes. "Move his hands around, have him feel new things, read to him or put down different-colored blankets—something to keep it interesting for baby"


Consider if the possibility that infant still abhors tummy time. Do not surrender, Woods exhorts. "Like many things with children, it's okay to step back, take a break and come back to tummy time" he said. "Take a couple of days or a week off, and try again later. You'll likely see success after you take a breather".


Also consider shortening the sessions and dividing tummy time throughout the day to make the task somewhat more tolerable for child. Mixed up other activities here and there. "As long as they are doing some [tummy time], it will have some benefit" Dr. McKenzie brings up.





Specialists cited: Michael McKenna, M.D., general pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health; Ashanti Woods, M.D., attending pediatrician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.


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