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Quinny Yezz Out and About Review

Quinny Yezz Out and About Review

1. Chassis

The design of the Quinny Yezz is one of its standout features. It looks like nothing else available and has a skeletal-like frame. Arriving in two parts, the seat material needs attaching to the chassis and is then an integral part of the stroller. Connecting the material to the frame is done with plastic clips and climbing rope in three different places. Not only does this colourful rope look great, but it is also extremely strong, capable of holding 200kg of weight!

As the first stroller to be made of IXEF, which is a high performance, high glass fibre material, the Yezz is lightweight and very strong. It weighs only 5kg with the frame and seat.

The handlebar on the stroller is continuous, meaning that it's really easy to push one handed. The curved shape is static, but we have tested it ranging from 5'6" to 6'"1 and found it a comfortable height. Although the fold button is built into the centre of the handlebar, it's hidden under a flap, so you are still able to hold this part just as well. It is quite tempting though to keep flicking this flap up as you roll...

2. Seat

Made from a material very much like that of a parachute to cut out yet more weight, the seat on the Yezz is suspended from the frame. There's no padding, but the textured fabric is similar to a hammock, stretched taut on the frame, and so still comfortable. The material should wipe clean and seems very durable. As it can be removed completely from the chassis, it is easily cleaned should you have any spillages.

The five point harness has three height positions and can be lengthened with the plastic sliders. It is easy to fit the two sides together to clip into the buckle with a loud click. It's quite basic without any pads on the shoulder or crotch straps, but still does the job of securing your child. The seat itself is a fantastic size, measuring 58cm from the top to the bottom. It will definitely last your child as it also allows plenty of width room too.

The hood on the Yezz isn't very big, but it does offer adequate shade and further extends with a small pull out visor. It sits quite high up on the seat so will give better protection to taller tots.

Toddler's legs have a good spaced area which is built in as part of the seat material. The bottom is lined to help keep it clean. Though not adjustable, children with longer legs will be able to keep their legs on the front of the frame.

3. Drivability

The wheels on the Yezz make for an amazing push over hard and smooth floors. They're definitely not designed for rough terrain, but if you do come across bumps, it's light enough to just pick up and carry over (removing the child first of course)! Saying that, it still managed to cope with cobbles which we encountered on our test run. You just need to make sure that you are looking where you are going and steer with both hands, as the small front wheel could become lodged in small gaps.

It is also very manoeuvrable, with the stroller able to spin on a sixpence. This makes it great for zipping through the crowds in the shops, city streets, stations or airports.

4. Fold

The fold of the Yezz is very clever. It is simple to do, and possible to complete with one hand. Lifting the flap at the centre of the handlebar, you can then press the exposed button. Next, press the grey pedal at the back of the frame with your foot and push the handlebar forward. You can rotate each side of the handlebar up as you push down. There's an automatic lock to keep it together and it will freestand nicely, resting on the frame and back wheels.

To release again, just press the grey button on the handle and shake it out! The hardest part of the unfold is locking the frame into position with your foot. It does require some firm pressure and won't be the easiest if you are in holiday mode with your flip flops on.

As a lightweight stroller weighing only 5kg, it's designed to be easy to transport. Making this even easier, Quinny have added a stretchy, adjustable strap to the frame so that you can throw it over your shoulder. This is ideal in public transport situations, where you can carry your child and the stroller while you navigate escalators or stairs. The best way to carry the stroller is with the single front wheel pointing down. With the fold being pretty compact, it can be stored under your seat or in the baggage rack of a train.


We think that the Quinny Yezz is the ideal pushchair for parents with toddlers that travel abroad, visit cities or use public transport regularly. Its compact size means that it can be stored neatly in the car, without taking up much room, and the ingenious fold mechanism makes it quick and easy to operate one handed.

For a stroller, the Yezz is quite expensive, so we'd like to see the raincover included in that price as part of the package.

As toddlers can tire easily, it's great that your child can walk occasionally while you carry the stroller with the strap. It's so light and comfortable to hold. The simple but unique styling makes sure that it turns heads and it manoeuvres perfectly over smooth terrain. Though the lack of features may make it look a little bare, it still offers a comfortable ride for your child.



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