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how to clean baby car seat

How to wash and care your baby car seat, the simple way!

    1. Remove the car seat from the vehicle

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      Place on a cover or flat surfaces for cleaning. Tenderly overturn the seat to free any small pieces like crumbles and vacuum out as much dust, dirt and food as could be expected under the circumstances.


        2. Remove straps & buckles

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          Clean them with a toothbrush and a little water, however never submerge them in water, as that can weaken the webbing.


            3. Check your car seat manual if the cover is washable

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              If your manual stated the cover is washable, then remove the cover and wash it with washing machine one gentle. To wash it manually, submerge it in the bath with warm water, ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup vinegar. Step or stomp on the cover with your feet to truly get the dirt out and utilize a sponge to scrub stubborn stains. Hang it to dry.


                4. Wash and clean up the car seat parts

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                  Wash every single plastic part with gentle soap and a damp or wet towel.


                    5. Reassemble the car seat

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                      Put back all the webbing and cover, and reinstall the car seat in your car as indicated by the manual.


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