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how to choose baby satefy gate babydan melaka malaysia

Childproofing your home with safety gate! Few things to consider.

Our kids safety should be number one priority and having a baby gate is essential

For many parents, a baby gate would be their top pick for getting their home childproofed.

 babydan safety gate malaysia

Additionally, your adventurous baby is going to want to climb the stairs in your home and that there will be a fall.





 But remember! A baby gate is IMPORTANT if you have stairs. Baby safety gates can help ensure that your crawling and walking infant or toddler doesn't fall down the stairs.


Its essential to invest in your child safety as a bad quality product won't provide high quality protection for your kids. If your kids is old enough, they can pulled the bottom gate of the wall.


Here are few to consider:

  1. Use a baby gate both at the bottom and top of the stairs.
  2. Use a baby gate that actually screws into the wall, especially at the top of the stairs, since these are more secure than other pressure-mounted baby safety gates.
  3. Keep items that your toddler could use to climb over the gate away from the gate.
  4. Put the gates up by the time your child is five or six months old and before he is crawling and walking.
  5. Keep the gates up until you are convinced that your child can walk up and down the stairs safely, usually at around three years of age (after which time he will likely learn how to bypass the gate anyway).




This gate doesn't need to make nails, fixtures, fittings, drilling, and others. The gate goes onto the wall and stair banister by strong pure pressure, which is fantastic, there is no mess what so ever! It'll be quick and easy to setup at the same time, super strong and the kids couldn’t have pull this one down.

 baby safety gate melaka

The BABYDAN PREMIER TRUE PRESSURE FIT GATE made from metal and it has additionally safety feature to indicate if the gate is not fitted correctly there will be a red indicator to let us know it is not fully secure!


babydan true pressure fit gate premier melaka



  • Easy and quick to fit and setup
  • No need to nails, fixtures, fittings, drilling, screw etc
  • Solid and Strong, made from metal


Standard gate

  • 73,5 - 79,6 (29”-31,3”)
  • w/1 extension: 79,6-86,5 cm (31,4”-34,2”)
  • w/2 extensions: 86-93,3 cm (33,9”-36,7”)
  • w/3 extensions: 92,5-99,8 cm (36,5”-39,2”)*
  • w/4 extensions: 99-106,3 cm (33”-41,8”)*
  • w/5 extensions: 105,5-112,8 cm (41,6”-44,4”)*
  • w/6 extensions: 112-119,3 cm (44,1”-46,9”)*

*use wall cups
Tested and approved in accordance with EN1930:2011
Made in Denmark

 babydan online malaysia

Baby Dan develops, produces and sells safety equipment for children in the age group 0-5 years. In addition, Baby Dan markets and distributes a large number of textile and furniture products for children in the same age group. 

The company is ISO 14001 environmentally certified, a member of Global Safety Cooperation and has won numerous prizes and awards for its products both nationally and internationally.


We at Halomama.com offers best price and quality for your baby and child safety at home!

Thank you and have a nice day folks! :)


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I am looking for a baby gate for a length of 4 meters. Would you have that?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

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