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How To Choose A Baby Carrier

How To Choose A Baby Carrier

1. Versatility

Babies grow so quickly. It is a good idea to get a carrier that will cater for your child’s needs throughout their development and growth cycles. Many carriers cater from newborn right through beyond toddlerhood.  Check that your baby’s age and weight match those of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most Carrier, wraps and slings are fully adjustable to help cater for these changes.

Versatility in the carrying position is also important as many carriers allow carrying in several different positions. For example it is advised you carry your newborn on the front inwards facing, while a toddler would more likely be happier on your back being able to look around.

2. Comfort

Well designed carriers have the following features to ensure maximum comfort for the user.

  • Wide straps to distribute the child’s weight evenly across your shoulders.
  • Padded straps or sturdy fabric
  • If you plan on using the carrier between caregivers make sure it is fully adjustable and can be easily adjusted each time it is used.
  • Has a lower padded waist belt to help distribute the child’s weight. The baby should feel like an extension of your body not a weight hanging off you.

For the baby make sure it has a head rest to support its head and neck.

3. Easy to use

The first time you use a carrier get a friend to help you. After this you should be able to easily strap you and your baby in unassisted and with one hand. With wraps a tip is to put it on as you leave the house so when you reach the shops you only need to place baby in the front of it.

4. Convenience

More and more people are on the move and travelling and are looking for ultra compact carriers for stowing away in a small bag. Some compact carriers are the size of a child’s drink bottle when rolled up. These carriers usually cost less and are also super light, however be aware that sometimes comfort can be compromised in order for it to be so compact. The shoulder straps may not be padded. It may not have a padded waist belt. The material used may be light but it will not be padded for extra support for your baby and it may not be breathable fabric. They are ideal as a second carrier, for navigating airports, shopping centers and shorter impromptu trips.

5. Easy to clean

Luckily most modern carriers can be put into the washing machine or hand washed easily. However a hint to avoid unnecessary wear and tear through washing is to use teething pads and bib designed for the carrier, so the baby chews these instead of the front of the carrier.



Every part of the Hip Seat Carrier is designed to make mum and baby comfortable, from the 100% cotton outer shell which is less likely to cause irritation to Baby


  • Thick Shoulder Padding and Chest Buckle

Thick shoulder padding cushion provides comfort and the chest buckle is to lock and prevent shoulder straps from running down.

  • Adjustable Sleeping Hood

3 dimentional head sleeping hood holds baby head from tilting and thus enhance baby sleep. It protects baby's delicate eyes from lights, also protects baby from sun and wind when outing. It is adjusted in length with 4 snap levels to match your baby's growth.

  • Functional 3D Air Mesh

is used in waist belt lining, main body lining and shoulder belt. It allows great air ventilation and stability. It is ideal to used pleasantly in all weathers especially for outdoor activities.

  • Slim Pockets at Front & Side

User-friendly mesh pockets designed for organising little storage like mobile phone, wipes, washcloth, pacifier and etc.

  • Organic Cotton Teething Pads (Saliva Towels)

which are snap around the shoulder straps. Chemical & Bleach-free Pads are safe and gentle soft touch to baby's skin.

  • Chest Strap and Body Wing

It is easy reachable to adjust for maximum comfort. The body wing attacted is to prevent webbing straps direct contacting baby's arm while travelling.

  • Wide Hip Seat with Anti-slip

Slanting up angle designed provides proper and comfortable sitting position. It uses top grade Styrofoam which is light but solid and strong enough to support baby's weight. It is removable for easy wash. Apple-shaped Anti-slip is attached on top of the hip seat to avoid slipping.

  • Superb Supporting Waist Belt 

consist with broad velcro tape + big buckle + thick padded cushion, allow double safety and firm attachment according to size and offering excellent wearing sensation.

  • Stop Zipper and Peanut Botton

High quality stop zipper connects carrier strap to hip seat by adding leather peanut button for double safety! Zip is covered to prevent exposure.

  • ​From 3 months up to 36 months ( maximum 20kg )

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