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Choosing Baby Car Seat Support

Choosing Baby Car Seat Support

Functions of head and body support

The name of this car seat accessories class is very telling. As such, the functions of head and body support systems should be apparent. But are they? They surely support the baby’s head, however, this word has too broad of a meaning. After all, car seats support babies’ bodies as well. As do beds, cradles, chairs, anything that can be said to accommodate a child. However, the baby car seat head support is a very different thing.

Typically, a head and body support comprises a body pillow with a headrest and is used to keep the baby’s posture healthy and optimal, as well as comfortable. It does not usually serve as a medical or rehabilitation device, although exceptions are possible, but it may be used to prevent problems with the spine from developing. It can also prevent SIDS although to which extent remains untested. Even a simple insert might prevent the upper airway from narrowing.


When to use head and body support

Before we proceed, some things have to be clarified first. Many parents are wondering when they should stop using a head support. Head support is often part of the car seat. Use of this kind of support is indeed limited. It is possible to purchase a separate head and body support, which can be used either as a replacement or as a supplement. If the latter, the head support can be removed at your own discretion. If the former, same limits apply, although we do not recommend replacing the headrest.


Signs that your baby needs extra support

  1. The baby leans to the side when secured in the car seat.
  2. The baby is restless and obviously uncomfortable with their current seat and support.
  3. The harness is loose. In this case, purchasing a better-suited car seat is a safer option but use of more support is also possible.

If the existing head and body support has been damaged, it obviously needs a replacement. However, it is not recommended to buy any support not explicitly compatible with the car seat.

Medical benefits for infants

A study has been conducted to determine how car seats influence the health of the babies. It has been found that use of a car seat can be a factor contributing to narrowing of the upper airway and oxygen desaturation, although the problem, in general, is undoubtedly multifactorial. Still, one of the leading hypotheses is that that flexion of the head on the body, which exactly what happens when the baby is placed in a car seat, is a very important factor.

The primary factor for head and body support use is the child’s own biology. If they are not able to hold their head properly, their neck muscles are weak, or their control over them is weak, the head support must not be removed. If not, it is generally safe to do that, although we do not recommend that affect the child’s comfort negatively.

It is possible that the built-in support is not enough for your child. In that case, we recommend purchasing an extra support unless it is a head support insert.


1. Jj Cole Body Support

JJ Cole's reversible body support has soft velour on one side and a breathable embroidered knit on the other, providing comfort to baby in any season. The head support is adjustable and detachable, which accommodates baby's growth.

• reversible fabrics for year round comfort
• fits snugly around infants of all sizes
• machine washable

2. Snapkis 3D Body Support

Snapkis 3D Body Support made from 3D mesh fabric, Snapkis 3D Body Support is soft and ultra-breathable, providing great comfort for your baby even on hot days. The 250 independent points per inch helps support good posture.

Comes with a detachable head support for versatility to accommodate your baby’s growth and an anti-slip backing for a more stable support. Snapkis 3D Body Support can be placed on car seats and strollers, securing your child with comfort on your daily commutes. Machine washable.

(Source from: https://carseatresearch.com/choosing-baby-car-seat-support/)


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