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Mom's Best Friend Forever
milky bites babyjumi malaysia melaka

BOOST your breast milk supply with Milky Bites Lactation Cookies by Babyjumi

All hail the humble oat, a species of grain grown for its seed which has been a staple consumed for generations and a popular cereal that makes a daily appearance on breakfast table’s around the world to kick start the day.

oatmeal biscuit boost milk supply babyjumi milky bites



Oats are considered a natural health supplement that complements a well-balanced diet as the grain is jam-packed with essential nutrients and are an excellent source of protein, beta-glucan, dietary fiber, a variety of Vitamins B and dietary minerals.


However what is the significance of consuming oats especially for a breastfeeding mother or a mom-to-be?

Oats boost energy and are loaded with iron, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are important to maintain energy levels, alleviate mood and maintain overall health conditions especially for new mothers.



Sleep deprivation, loss of minerals as well as fatigue are common symptoms for new mothers and may affect breast milk production as well as overall physical health. Loading up on an oat-rich diet is important for new and lactating moms in order to maintain a steady supply of breast milk as well as replenish energy loss from breastfeeding.


A Cookie a Day Keeps the Milk at Bay
Lactation cookies are the perfect delicious excuse for every breastfeeding mom to snack and cave in to their sweet tooth cravings. Also, they are conveniently packed and great for moms on the go.

These nutrient rich crunchy morsels of goodness are made using a combination of oats and other ingredients such as coconut oil and flax seed, which are important sources of fatty acids that contribute to overall brain health and smooth nervous system functions. To add to the goodness of lactation cookies, all natural ingredients such as dates and chocolate are used as natural sweeteners to enhance taste as well as provide health benefits.



Lactation cookies are now available in Halomama.com as well as in walk-in store. Most of them are home-baked in small batches in order to maintain quality and freshness. Look out for lactation cookies that are made using zero preservatives as well as all-natural ingredients. Consume your lactation cookies well within the batch expiry date and enjoy the goodness of oats in every bite. What’s good for you is good for baby – chemicals excluded!


We recommends the lactation treat Milky Bites Lactation Cookies by Babyjumi, which pack a powerful milk-production punch. Links below :




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