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10 things to do for a HEALTHY TODDLERS




  1. Eat as a family and make mealtimes a cheerful occasion


Whenever possible, try to get the entire family to eat together at the table. Give your kid a chance to appreciate and enjoy the same meals like everyone else, provided it doesn't add salt or sugar. Show them how much you enjoying your meal, and they may be more tempted to try some themselves!


Keep things easy and relax by picking food that is simple for your little child to eat. Finger foods are great, as they enable your children to eat themselves independently. Praise them when they eat well or tries something new. Toddlers take time to learn to like foods, so be as patient as possible.


  1. Give your kid a chance to choose the amount to eat


Offer your baby a lot of nutritious foods, yet don't expect that they will dependably eat everything on her plate. It's more imperative to focus around what she eats throughout week than to demand that they complete each dinner.


An excess of pressure to eat can really be counter-productive, as it will make mealtimes more distressing for both of you.


Most toddlers eat all that they're going to within thirty minutes of being offered. After this time, simply take any uneaten food away without any say.


You may really be surprised by how little your toddler needs to eat.


  1. Offer food from the four primary nutritional categories every day


The four main nutritional categories give the correct mix of nutrients for your baby. They are:


  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Starchy, cereal-based food, such as bread, porridge and pasta.
  • Dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  • Protein, such as meat, fish, eggs and beans.


  1. Set up a routine for mealtimes


Offer your child three meals every day, in addition to a few nutritious snacks. Your toddler’s tummy is still small, so they can't eat much at one sitting. This is the reason it's essential for them to have a small bite of something between the meals.


At lunch and dinner, offer your child both an appetizing main course, and a dessert. This gives them considerably more opportunities to get every one of the nutrients they need.


  1. Offer a lot of drinks during the day


The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that you give your infant breastmilk and food until they are 2 years old, or even more older. In any case, it's depends on you. In the event that you do choose to quit breastfeeding, or if that you've stopped already, there's no compelling reason to give your little child follow-on formula. Rather, you can give them cow's milk.


Your toddler will require between 350ml and 500ml of breastmilk or cow’s milk a day. In case you're giving them cow's milk, it ought to be full-fat until the point when they turn two, when you can switch to semi-skimmed. Try not to offer skimmed milk until they turn five years old though.


Give your toddler drinks in a free-flow beaker or cup, not a bottle. Water is a good option, as it won't make them feels too full to make the most of their meals.


Try not to offer fruit juice between meals, as this is bad for your little child's teeth. Rather, you can dilute it (10 parts water to 1 parts juice) and offer it alongside a meal.


  1. Give vitamins A, C and D every day


The government prescribes that all kids take a vitamin supplement between six months and five years. It doesn't need to be a complete multivitamin, yet ought to contain vitamins A, C and D. Ensure you pick a supplement that is appropriate for little children.



  1. Respect your toddler's tastes


Some kids eat nearly everything while others are substantially fussier. You may find that your toddler likes different foods to be kept separate on their plate, or if they prefer mixed it together.


Whatever your baby lean towards, run with it! It'll make your life substantially easier for both of you.


  1. Reward your toddler with praise and attention


When your kids eat well, give them a lot of praise accordingly. Do not use dessert as a reward for eating savoury food. This influences sweeter food to appear to be much more engaging. Also, don't give don't give food or drink as a reward for good behavior, or use them as an approach to comfort your little child. This can encourage unhealthy eating habits. Rather they'll love it if you play their most loved amusement or read them most loved book to demonstrate how satisfied you are.


  1. Limit certain foods


Some foods contain heaps of calories, however very few nutrients. These can ruin your little child's appetite for healthier foods and may prompt her putting on an excessive amount of weight:


  • fried food
  • crisps
  • processed or pre-made snacks
  • pastries, cakes and biscuits


Do not offer your toddler fruit squashes or fizzy drinks, as even the low-sugar or no-sugar as they offer no different nutrient at all, yet can give her a preference for sweeter food and drink. Tea and coffee are absolutely off the menu, as caffeine isn't good for your toddler.


  1. Empower physical activity


Try to ensure your toddler has a range of moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least an hour every day.

All action considers work out, including walking, running and dancing. Most kids are naturally active and will love rushing around if given the chance!


Limit TV and other screen time, for example, PCs and tablets, to no more than two hours a day.

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