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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Agabom Baby Diapers Pants

RM 49.00

WHY Choose AGABOM Diapers?
100% Chlorine-free
Free of phthalates
Free of non-toxic plastics
Free of preservatives
Free of Heavy metals

Explored all over the world on the strongest technology and select
strictly on international-level raw materials

Fiber Top Sheet > Japan Material
Elastic Rubber > Korea Material
100% SAP Core > Japan Material
Magic Tapes > USA Material
Adhesive > Germany Material

✓ HIGH Speed Absorption
Absorption speed is fast, and it forms gel in a few seconds when
exposed to liquid, strong liquid retention

✓ EXTRA Long Leak Protection
Double layer leak guards and widened leak-proof design, higher core utilization

✓ Magic Tapes [ applicable on tape diapers only ]
No sharp edges keep baby’s skin free from scratches

✓ Elastic Waistline
Fit baby’s waist, soft and flexible spring does not leave marks,
bottom spring designed to make the diapers smoother and comfort

✓ DUAL Core Layers, doble absorption
Upper layer absorbs liquid effectively, and lower layer locks liquid effectively

✓ Super soft DOUBLE Layer
Breathable microporous film with waterproof, achieve good air
permeability and reduce leakage of bedwetting

✓ ULTRA-Thin
Lightweight diapers perfectly to replace gauze

SIZE for pants diapers
Size M – 7-10kgs 42pcs/bag
Size L – 9-14kgs – 36pcs/bag
Size XL – 12-17kgs – 30pcs/bag
Size XXL – 15-23kgs – 30pcs/bag