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4 types of diaper Mat, see which one suits you and your baby!

4 types of diaper Mat, see which one suits you and your baby!

You don’t have a diaper changing pad? It’s a necessary piece of baby equipment. Not only does it protect your baby from dirty surfaces but also helps prevent diaper leaks from spilling over the changing area.

So now you have decided to buy a diaper changing table for your baby. The problem is, there are so many different styles and brands available that it can be difficult to choose the perfect diaper changing pad for your situation.


The different types of diaper changing pads

There are four different types of diaper changing pad commonly available. Lets take a look at what makes each of them unique.


1. Standard Diaper Pad

Essentially a mini mattress reserved solely for diaper changing time. A standard diaper changing pad can either be slotted into a baby changing table or used on it’s own on any surface around the home, such as a dresser.

Many standard diaper changing pads will require the use of a changing pad cover to protect it from diaper leaks. Similar to a bed sheet, when dirty, simply change the changing pad cover.

2. Travel Diaper Changing Pad

A standard diaper changing pad is just too chunky to take with you when you travel. A lightweight and reusable option is needed while you are changing your baby away from your home.

Travel diaper changing pads are lightweight and almost towel like. They easily fold up and take up minimal room, making them a great portable alternative to a standard changing pad.

Nowadays, many designer brands also offers this as a free or included functions for their mother bags and diaper bags. Skip Hop premium mother bag is a good examples, it come with one good quality gorgeous changing pad with it.


3. Diaper Changing Kit

A diaper changing kit not only includes a changing pad but also has room for everything else you could need while out on a day trip. There is space for all the essentials such as diapers, baby wipes and storage pockets for your keys or phone.

The appeal of a diaper changing kit is that it is super portable, folding up into its own carry bag. This allows you to go on short trips with your baby without the need to lug around a heavy diaper bag.



4. Disposable Diaper Changing Pad

Designed to be thrown in the trash after use, disposable diaper pads give you one less thing to clean up when changing time is over. Simply screw the diaper pad up and throw it in the trash.

Disposable diaper changing pads are incredibly lightweight and do not take up much room when folded. This allows you to easily squeeze them into an already overflowing diaper bag. Disposable changing pads are generally sold in packs of 10 or greater.


Features to look for when choosing a diaper pad

A diaper changing pad perform two functions.

  1. Protect your baby from dirty surfaces.
  2. Protect surfaces from poop explosions and diaper spills.

Steer clear of any baby changing pads that will not adequately fulfill the above two points. Further to basic functionality, lets take a look at other changing pad features you will need to take into consideration when buying.

Below is another examples of a simple diaper pad that made with bamboo charcoal:


Holabebe Bamboo Diaper Pad

  • Outer Material: 2layers 100% bamboo charcoal 
  • Inner Material: 3layers microfiber
  • Feature: Soft Breathable & Reusable & High Absorption
  • Size: 15x35cm


(Source from: https://parent.guide/best-diaper-changing-pad-for-your-baby/)

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