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Why some children can have difficulty of learning to talk? Here's why!

Why some children can have difficulty of learning to talk? Here's why!

Why children will have problem learning to talk:

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  1. Hearing issues: temporary medical conditions will have an effect on children’s hearing as well as biological hearing problems.
  2. Slower muscular development: some youngsters find it tougher to create the fast movements required to form speech.
  3. Slower understanding of adult language.
  4. Less practice interacting with people: some youngsters spend less time interacting with people and practising their communication. additionally, some adults don't wait long enough for youngsters to reply.
  5. Too passive a role in social life: some youngsters are always on the taking side of communications instead of the giving side. this may be as a result of the adults around them have low expectations of youngsters and don't have interaction them in communication as a result of they do not expect them to know.
  6. Old non-verbal communication works too well.
  7. People speak for them.
  8. Too much playing alone.
  9. Too much performance language, not enough social talk: abundant of the language we have a tendency to teach our kids, like numbers and colours, aren't terribly helpful in daily communication. youngsters would like a sensible life vocabulary and follow within the simple conversations that build friendships.


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