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should know about baby bottle feeding

What you should know about baby bottle feeding

Whether you will be feeding formula completely, combining it with nursing or using bottles to provide expressed breast milk, here's everything you wish to get started bottle-feeding your baby.

When the right time should I Introduce baby feeding bottle?

Most newborns have very little to no hassle working out a way to suck from a baby bottle nipple, that is sweet news if you are using bottles right from the start — finally, one factor seems to come naturally!

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If you are breastfeeding, however, it's suggested that you just wait 2 or 3 weeks to introduce a bottle. Bottle-feeding earlier may probably interfere with the successful establishment of breastfeeding, not due to known as "nipple confusion" however as a result of your breasts might not be stimulated enough to pump up supply. If you wait awhile later, baby might reject the unfamiliar bottle in favor of the breast because that is what they gotten accustomed to.

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Signs Baby's Hungry

Ideally, you must feed your baby at the first signs of hunger. Do not wait for tears; by then, your baby could also be uncomfortably hungry, particularly the longer they cries. She can be small, however she'll make her desires known by:

  • Nuzzling against your breasts
  • Sucking furiously on her hands (or your shirt, or your arm)
  • Opening her mouth
  • Rooting reflex (baby turns her head to the side along with her mouth open to find the food supply, typically when her cheek is stroked)
  • Sucking on her lip or tongue (which will appear as if baby's sticking their tongue out)
  • Making lip-smacking sounds
  • If baby does cry, it'll usually be a short, low-pitched wail that rises and falls


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