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Simple Ways to Soothe Your Crying Baby!

Simple Ways to Soothe Your Crying Baby!

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From crying to colic, gas pain and not sleeping well, it typically causes lots of new moms scrambling to find way to soothe their little ones. Typically, those fixes fast and simple, but usually it will take quite a while to figure out what’s wrong with their baby.


Baby communicate halomama

There are reasons why babies cry : they have no means to communicate and crying is the only way.

Instructions to soothe your baby:


Hold baby how to soothe the crying

Touch or Hold them– Obviously, holding your baby should be the first course of action a mother should take when trying to soothe her them. However, some babies need more than simply holding them–some just need to be worn in a sling, patted on the back, or gently massaged.

Movement–Babies usually can be comforted by movement. this could be as gentle as swaying from side to side or might have a little bit vigorous, like a baby swing.

Sound–Many babies can be comforted by loud “white noise” sounds and calm down to rhythmic whooshing sounds. While the infant in uterus, the baby always hears the swishing of amniotic fluid, their mom’s heartbeat and other internal noises that occurred around them.


Mouth Soothers–There are conflicting opinion about this method, but it is known that baby use sucking as a soothing method. Things from mother’s nipple to pacifier could be used.

Check their environment–Some babies are easily over-stimulated, whereas others would need lots of stimulation. listen to how your baby responds to totally different situation so that you can figure out your baby preferences. Some like dark, quiet rooms whereas others favor to be outside or surrounded by people.



15 common ways that to soothe the crying baby:

  1. Rocking in glider or chair
  2. Makes a “shooshing” noise nearby the ear
  3. Provide clean pinky finger for them to suck on
  4. Swaddling
  5. Nursing the baby
  6. Wear and place them in baby sling
  7. Going for a car ride
  8. Use a baby swing
  9. Going outside and show them world :)
  10. Warm bath
  11. Singing to baby
  12. Taking a walk
  13. Place baby on their side or tummy as you hold them
  14. Open a noise machine or static station
  15. Bounce on an exercise ball


Few things to recollect regarding your crying baby:

  • Be more relaxed, the easier to calm your baby, as they'll sense fear!
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by your baby’s cries, ask for assistance from someone else while you having a deserved rest. Unless, if you're alone, place your baby down in a very safe place whereas you take a minute to take a breather, assess the situation again and then calm your baby accordingly.
  • Don’t take your baby’s crying as sign that you make some mistakes, all babies cry because it’s their only way to It takes time for a baby and parent to learn from each other.
  • If the crying looks totally different and therefore the baby seems inconsolable after trying so many tricks, don’t be scared to consult your health care provider or doctor for some guidance.
  • All babies will cry anyway, typically somewhere between 1-4 hours a day. It will improves with time goes on.


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