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Twins Stroller : Side by Side VS Tandem Stroller

Twins Stroller : Side by Side VS Tandem Stroller

Once you start researching for double strollers, one thing will be clear: They are not all the same. You’ve got the double stroller for multiples, another for little ones close in age, and still another for toddler and baby, just to name a few. But shopping for the right design doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You simply need to do a little research and know what your priorities are.


Tandem VS Side by Side

Which type of twin stroller to get? A tandem one where a child sit behind another child or a side-by-side?

Both type of stroller have their own pros and cons with their uses.

halford melaka and hauck melaka stroller comparison

Side by side double Stroller VS Tandem Stroller



Advantage and Disadvantages of Tandem Stroller

Pros : Certain models able to accommodate baby car seats within the front and back, thus can be considered true ‘twin' strollers. Hence, easier to navigate and a few brands have ‘stadium seating' allowing the kid within the back to sit up a bit higher, so they can see better.

Tandem strollers sometimes equipped with normal accessories, equivalent to snack trays, canopies and storage baskets.

Cons : As a result, it's longer, it will be more difficult to have quick access to the kid in the front seat. Several models don't have rear seats that able to totaly recline; this implies that you just can got to wait till your baby's neck muscles develop until they can hold their heads up; otherwise you got to notice a stroller that accommodates car seat.


Advantage and Disadvantages of Double / Side by side Stroller

Pros : They basically a true ‘twin' strollers that are meant for childrens of same age. They work best when they have children that are almost similar of age. It positions each children so they have the similar vantage point, which some children prefer.

They are shallower than wheel strollers, giving the pusher additional control, and easier access to each childrens.

Cons : The market isn't famous for side-by-sides stroller therefore finding cool accessories are often a difficulty. Besides, children that sit side-by-side tend to argue with each other, that is typical of toddlers.

Manufacturers has been slow to add feature and accessories corresponding to storage baskets, trays and canopies, usually they are more readily available.


Halomama.com do provide top selection of tandem and side by side strollers. Ranging from Halford, Joie and Hauck Strollers!









Both features:

  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Suitable for birth up to 15kg in each seat
  • 5 point harness for maximum security
  • Height adjustable shoulder harness
  • Independent 4 position recline system
  • 4 wheel suspension
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Peek-A-Boo viewing window
  • Full recline canopy for sunlight protection
  • Side ventilation System
  • Reective accents for safety at night
  • Easy removable washable seat
  • Large shopping basket


Hauck Germany Design Brand 100% Stroller New Stock Turbo Duo

 Hauck Melaka Malaysia Germany Design Brand 100% 2017 Stroller New Stock Turbo Duo

The sporty double buggy for siblings. 


With the lightweight Turbo Duo, you can master your everyday life with two children effortlessly. This buggy for siblings can be transported easily and offers many practical details. 


Thanks to the swivelling and lockable front wheels, the Turbo Duo can be moved easily around tight corners and offers a smooth ride on uneven ground. 


The comfortable soft handles make pushing particularly pleasant. The locking brake acting on the rear wheels ensures that the stroller should be safe everywhere. The Turbo Duo is equipped with two adjustable padded seats and individually adjustable 5-fold back rests. 


Also the comfortable foot rests and the canopies can be adjusted individually. Thus, each child can sit comfortably in its favourite position. 


The back rests can be brought into the lying position in no time at all when your children want to relax on your trips. The 5-point harness with shoulder pads provides for the highest level of safety. The Turbo Duo guarantees double fun on every ride. 


Recommended Age: From Newborn to 15.0kg (Each seat)

Warranty: 12 Months


Joie Aire Twin Nautical Navy Twin Stroller/ Ultra light

 Joie Malaysia melaka Aire Twin Nautical Navy Twin Stroller/ Ultra light


  • Lightweight aluminium chassis is easy to maneouvre with active little riders
  • Suitable from birth with flat reclining seats
  • One hand fold with automatic fold lock
  • Free standing when folded and fits in a boot
  • Reversible, double seat liner features two stylish options
  • Both seats are individually adjustable for a customised ride for each child
  • Multi-position, flat reclining seat provides backrest recline options for either child
  • Multi-position calf support gives two comfy options
  • Adjustable hood features a sun visor and peekaboo window
  • Shopping basket is deep to hold and secure personal items


HAUCK FREERIDER Tandem TWINS Baby Stroller - Black/ Germany/Twins Stroller

HAUCK FREERIDER Malaysia Melaka Tandem TWINS Baby Stroller - Black/ Germany/Twins Stroller


Multifunctional double buggy and a true quick-change artist (incl. rain cover).


The Freerider with its two separate seat units is an extremely practical double buggy. It has three large wheels and is ideally suited for all activities.


The front wheel can rotate 360° and can be fixed when needed. The push handle is adjustable in height and your errands can be stowed in the large shopping basket.


The newly designed, extendable canopy with viewing windows offers the best protection against sun, wind and rain. It is removable and covers both children.


The padded 5-point harness systems for both seats, the removable front bar and the double-acting locking brake offer optimum safety. The multifunctional Freerider is the perfect double buggy for modern parents.


Weight 12.5 kg Weight of second seat 2 kg Suspension Lying area 86 cm Seat width 32 cm Lockable and swivelling front wheel Adjustable foot rest Detachable front bar Easy-Fix system


Hauck Germany Design Brand Stroller Freerider Tandem Baby Stroller(Red)

Hauck Malaysia Melaka Germany Design Brand StrollerFreerider Tandem Baby Stroller(Red)

• FreeRider can be used as a single or double stroller
• Complete with second seat unit
• Black steel frame
• EVA Wheels
• Swivel and flexible front wheels
• Height adjustable handle
• Detachable fabric
• Suspension
• Detachable front bar
• Adjustable foot rest
• Detachable canopy
• Large shopping basket
• Compatible with Hauck Zero Plus Car Seat (available as an optional extra)
• Raincover included
• Lockable from wheel for a smooth ride

 Thank you and have a good day ahead!




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