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Tourist destination in Melaka for Kids and Toddlers pt. 1 (2018)

Tourist destination in Melaka for Kids and Toddlers pt. 1 (2018)

Keeping the Children Happy in Malacca

Keeping the kids happy in Malacca isn't hard in any way. The town is splendid, beautiful and loaded with fascinating sights, tastes and smells. There are fortresses and canons to hop on, awesome historical centers and incredible shops.

If you require more to keep the children occupied, we found a couple of play openings that you may get the chance, especially if you are going with babies. These are inside easy walking ( or pushing) separation of the Old Town, or you could truly give the children a treat and take a musical trishaw.

Play areas in Malacca

It's directly before the St Paul's steps and the Islamic Museum, beside the police station. There are more play facilities as you walk further around into the park. The open air swimming pool is next door, we didn’t try it.


If you need a break from the heat of the day, head to the Melaka Wonderland Theme Park and Resort which is a water park with a lazy river course, water slides and a dinosaur park attached. 


There are Go Karts

The whole area before of the St Paul’s steps has tons for kids to try and do. I’m unsure if you’d call these things go-karts or recumbents or what. the kids called them fun. My seven year old was big enough, i believe you could most likely go younger, the carts are adjustable.

On the weekend we payed 5 MYR for five minutes. throughout the week we got longer for our money.

The kids pedal around beneath a disused aeroplane and beside an old train.

Some guy had a python there when we visited, you paid to carry it for a photograph, there was also a little archery facility.

Malacca Indoor Playground or Play Centre

This place is within the Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall. the entire of the top floor is designated as children Zone. there's the play centre along side sand art, pedal cars and Toys R Us. My nine year old loved the play centre, it would also be fine for toddlers.

We payed 6 MYR for twenty minutes.

Other Family Attractions in Melaka

Melaka Maritime museum is great for kids and vastly educational.

There is a 3D art museum, these are coming up everywhere Asia and they are good.


Place to stay in Malacca With children

We found some good child friendly accommodation in Malacca at Kawan Kawan Guest House, Casa Blanca and Casa Del Rio.

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