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topfer baby milk review 2018

Topfer, a European baby food company every parent should know!

This company are one among the safe baby formula brands from Germany. Topfer was established in 1911, and it sources its milk from the Braunvieh cows of Allgäu in the Alpine region of Southern Germany, famous for producing Germany’s highest quality dairy and cheeses.

Braunvieh cows | topfer milk sourced from Braunvieh cows

Braunvieh cows


However, there is a limited availability for Töpfer as the company emphasizes quality over quantity.

The company uses modern technology and sensitive control systems to make sure all products meet their tight hygienic and quality requirements. It also ensures that each of their products meet the strict guidelines and rules of Hazard Analysis

and critical control Points (HACCP).



Topfer also commissions independent bodies, like MUVA, to assess and analyze their product quality. this is often a part of the company’s larger effort to make sure all their products are safe and meet the quality assurance standards.

As a brand, Topfer strives to create long-lasting trust with parents to stage itself as the brand of choice for safe baby products.

Some of the company’s baby food products include organic infant and follow-on milk, HA infant formulas, organic kinder follow-on milk and milk-free infant formula.

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