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The Only 3 Things You Need In Your Baby Grooming Kit

The Only 3 Things You Need In Your Baby Grooming Kit


Not all babies have a lot of hair. But some come out with what amounts to almost a full head of hair, and combine that with how much time they spend sleeping, and it’s a recipe for a serious case of bed head!

Most baby hairbrushes are adequate. You might even be given one by your hospital or get a cheap one in a kit, and it will likely work fine. But if you’re shopping for good stuff, why not get something

Baby Brush & Comb Set Snapkis Baby Brush and Comb Set is specially designed to care for baby’s hair. The brush’s soft bristles are bound together for optimum pressure to gently massage your baby’s sensitive scalp while the comb has wide teeth to glide through baby hair smoothly, reduce snagging and makes detangling easier.

  • Super soft bristles, gentle on your baby's sensitive scalp
  • Made of natural grasstree wood & soft goat hair bristles
  • Easy to hold, comfortable wooden handles
  • 100% handmade


Piyo Piyo - Baby Nail Scissors  


The prospect of trimming your baby’s nails can be scary. Those fingers are teeny tiny and their nails are even smaller. While a lot of people recommend baby nail clippers, the best solution I’ve found is baby nail scissors.

They’re far safer and also easier to use. Clippers seem like they’re fine at first, but it’s so easy to accidentally cut your baby’s sensitive finger skin with them. A sudden movement and things can go downhill quickly, and you’ll end up drawing blood.

They’re curved, which makes them easy to use, and the blades are rounded making it almost impossible to accidentally cut the skin.

If you’re thinking that scissors are more intimidating than clippers, don’t be. They’re actually MUCH safer than clippers. What makes them way safer is that because they’re scissors, you can see what you’re cutting. This isn’t possible with clippers, so it’s much, much safer.

These clippers come with a cute little storage case that keeps them from getting rusty, but you should always clean then after use anyway to make sure no rust happens.


  • Includes protective cover featuring our loveable characters
  • Round blade tips prevent accidents
  • Clean blades after use to prevent rusting
  • Blades are made of durable steel

For baby's soft nails ONLY

• Protective Cover: P.P.
• Blades: Steel
• Handles: A.B.S.


PiyoPiyo Nasal Aspirator


These little things are crucial.

When your baby has a cold and is all stuffed up, it’s impossible for them to blow their nose and get the boogies cleared out. This is where a nasal aspirator comes into play!

There are good nasal aspirators and bad ones. You should get one that works by you sucking on the other end; the bulb ones just don’t work well, and they end up full of bacteria.

Basically, it works by inserting it into the child’s nose, and then you suck on the other end. Don’t worry, you’re not going to get snot in your mouth or anything. It uses filters to make sure this won’t happen.

The round nasal piece does not hurt your baby's mucus membrane even if baby is moving. Mucus is drawn into the transparent bottle instead of remaining in your baby's nose or mouth. A long straw is featured for baby's mucus removal.

• Rounded top fits into baby’s nose or mouth
• Safe for tender mucous membranes
• Straw length facilitates easy mucous removal
• Bottle collects mucous for easy disposal

 (Source from: https://www.momtricks.com/babies/baby-grooming-kit-essentials/)


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