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ubbi potty training malaysia melaka

Sign of readiness for POTTY TRAINING. It's about time to pee and poo like grown-up! :P

There's no definite age when a baby is prepared to begin utilizing the potty. However most kids gain the abilities they need to begin potty training after they are between 18 months and 3 years old. 

Girls tend to be ready a couple of months sooner than boys. 


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This checklist able to assist you to keep track of your toddler's progress toward readiness. You don't need to wait till your child's achieved everything before you begin potty training. It's more like recognizing a general trend toward independence and an understanding of what it suggests that to go to the rest room like a grown-up. 

What are the physical signs of readiness?

  • Has regular, soft, shaped poos at comparatively foreseeable times, and does not poo throughout the night.
  • Has dry periods of at minimum of one or 2 hours, or wakes up with a dry nappy after a nap. This shows that her bladder muscles are developed enough to hold her wee in and store it.
  • Can pull her pants up and down with only a bit of assistance.
  • Shows an interest once you head to the washroom.

What are the behavioral signs of readiness?

  • Shows a need to please, and enjoys praise.
  • Demonstrates a need for independence.
  • Shows signs of discomfort once her nappy is wet or dirty.

What are the psychological signs of readiness?

  • Can perceive and follow straightforward instructions and requests, like "Do you wish a wee?" or "Where's the potty?".
  • Has words for wee and poo.
  • Shows awareness that they're having a wee or poo. He/She might stop what they're doing for a moment, or go elsewhere, or tell you that he/she's had a wee or poo.
  • They might tell you she has to have a wee or a poo before she doing it.


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Thank you for reading and have a good ahead ! :)

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