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oxo tot toddler set review johor

OXO Tot Toddler Feeding Set Review. It’s time for tots to self-feed!

This is a feeding set for toddlers that contains a spoon, a fork, a plate and a bowl. The four parts come packaged nicely in a box that makes the set a good gift for a first birthday, parenthetically.



The plate includes a curved ring that helps kids guide food onto their cutlery and it additionally helps keep food on the plate.

oxo tot toddler feeding set malaysia

You'll be able to take away this ring when you feel that your kid doesn’t need it any longer or once feeding foods that don’t require the additional height. The plate includes a non-slip base to help keep it in place on the table.


The bowl includes a capacity of 360ml and a weighted base to assist steady it. It’s additionally got an equivalent non-slip texture on the base of plate that adds stability and minimises spills.

The high walls of the bowl make it simple to scoop out food with the cutlery. The bowl comes with a handy lid that is nice when you need to store leftovers.

 OXO Tot melaka kuala lumpur

The fork and spoon are a good size for toddlers and create them feel a touch of grown up. they need large and chunky, slightly curved, handles with non-slip grips that are very easy to carry for tiny hands.

The fork tines food simply without being sharp and therefore the spoon is deep enough to hold a considerable amount of cereal or yogurt, for instance. They each have a flat space on the handle that keeps them from rolling and non-slip grips also facilitate to keep them from falling into the plate or bowl.

OXO Tot malaysia

The stainless-steel tips build them very durable and sturdy and ideal transition utensils before using cutlery for grown-ups.


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