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Making Up Baby Formula!

Making Up Baby Formula!

How to prepare an infant formula feed safely?

Follow these steps:

1. Boil the water Boil the fresh tap water or distilled water. If you use electric kettle, water should be boiled until the electric supply of the kettle switches off.

2. Clean the surface for preparing the feed and wash your hands Clean and disinfect the surface on which you are going to make up the infant formula feed. Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry them with a clean towel or tissue paper.

3. Take out the sterilized bottle Take a sterilized bottle and shake off the water in the bottle and the teat. If the bottle is removed from the sterilizing solution, shake off the excess solution and rinse it with boiled water from the kettle.

4. Fill the feeding bottle with the correct amount of hot water Put the correct amount of hot water into the sterilized bottle. The water should be no cooler than 70ºC, so do not leave water cool down for more than 30 minutes after boiling.

5. Add the correct amount of powdered infant formula Measure the correct amount of formula powder according to the instructions on the package. Add the exact amount of powdered formula to the water in the bottle.
**Measure the formula powder with the scoop coming with the package or can. Fill the scoop with formula powder loosely. Then level off with the straight edge of a knife.

6. Gently shake the bottle Attach the teat, cap and other accessories to the bottle. Shake/swirl until the powder dissolves.

7. Cool the feed Cool the feed to an appropriate temperature by holding the bottle under running tap water or placing the bottle in a container of cold water. Ensure the cooling water is below the cap and does not touch the teat.

8. Test the temperature To prevent scalding of the baby’s mouth, test the temperature of the formula feed on the inner side of your wrist befor e feeding. Repeat cooling until the feed is lukewarm.

**Key facts
■ Consume the prepared formula feed within 2 hours to reduce the risk of infection

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  • No more counting formula scoops!!
  • Accurate and safe. Eliminates miscounting of scoop and steam clogged scoops
  • Compatible with most leading brands of infant formulas from 0-12 months

2)ClevaMama Travel Container

Full day or quick trips are made easier with the stackable formula and food container. Just pop the portions with either food or formula into your changing bag and you are ready to go. This convenient, three portion container features an easy pour spout and includes an extra lid for single portions. Ideal to use with formula, snacks or finger foods. Dishwasher and steriliser safe.

  • 3 individual portions so no spill over from compartments
  • Suitable for food or formula & includes an extra lid for single portions
  • Easy pour spout


 (Source from: http://www.fhs.gov.hk/english/health_info/child/)


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