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Introducing solid food to your baby? Guide to feed solid food for baby!

Specialists recommended that to hold up offering him solid foods until your child's a half year old. At the moment when he's prepared, you may think that its most straightforward to begin with simple, pureed or well-mashed foods. Try offering your infant maybe a couple spoonful of that including:


  • Well-mashed or pureed vegetables, such as cooked carrot, parsnip, potato or sweet potato.
  • Well-mashed or pureed fruit, such as banana, cooked apple, ripe pear or mango.
  • Baby cereal such as baby rice, sago, maize, cornmeal or millet. You can mix these with some of your baby's usual milk.


mashed pureed food like banana weaning bowl melaka

You can offer food to your infant after a milk feeding session, or during milk feeding if that works better. If you’ve heated the food, make sure to stir it, cool it and test it on the inside of your wrist before giving it to your baby.


It might take your infant a while to get used to these new flavors. Try not to be shocked if he rejects the foods or spits it out. Simply attempt again later, or the following day. You can make the food somewhat blander by blending it with a couple of teaspoons of your child's usual milk.


be patient when feeding a child he might reject at first tommee tippee weaning bowl melaka malaysia


At to start with, your child may appear to eat very little. Be patient and don’t forget, it will take some time for him to figure out how to eat. As he grows and develops more of a side-to-side, grinding motion, add less fluid or liquid to his food so the texture is thicker, with chunkier, delicate bumps. This enables your child to take a shot at chewing, or gumming, and swallowing.


As your infant winds up used to fruits, vegetables and cereal, add a variety of other foods. At that point gradually increase the number of times a day that he has solids. When your child is around seven months old, he ought to eat solids three times each day. A normal day should include:


  • Breastmilk or formula milk.
  • Iron-fortified cereal. Check packaging for salt and sugar levels, though.
  • These can include potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach and butternut squash.
  • Small amounts of meat, poultry, fish, yoghurt, hard-boiled egg, well-cooked lentils or cheese. Don't give your baby brie, stilton and other mould-ripened or soft cheeses.


at first they might play with their food ! oxo tot plate malaysia melaka


Your baby's appetite will vary from one feed to the next. Watch out for signs that he's full. If he keeps his mouth close, dismisses, or begins playing with his food, he's most likely had enough.


Try not to stress if he hasn't eaten much in a meal or even in a day. It is the amount food he eats over an entire week that is more important.


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At the moment when your child begins solids, he will only be able to clasp foods in his fists. The easiest foods for him to feed himself are those that are shaped like a chip, or have a handle, such as cooked broccoli spears. Your child will gradually figure out how to lift things up between his thumb and forefinger, called the pincer grasp, in the following couple of months.


At to beginning, your child may simply play with his food. He may get bits of sustenance and begin to suck on them. Portable giving your child breast milk or equation drain in the middle of mealtimes. As your infant gradually eats more solids, the number of milk feeds will begin to diminish.


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