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How to use a Baby Stroller (2018)

How to use a Baby Stroller (2018)

 All things considered, it takes the burden off your shoulders as well as it provide comfort and the most important of all, protection.


Whether to go for traveling or shopping, use a baby stroller to accommodate proper comfort and safety for your child.


Step by Step Guide for baby stroller usage



Baby stroller halomama melaka


1: Read instructions or user manual


If you recently bought a baby stroller, make to sure to read the user manual from manufacturer for assembly and usage. This is vital to recognize distinctive parts and components of your stroller. Some infant strollers have a modular design. This enabled their seats to be separated from their casings (frames).


However, if you purchased a modular baby stroller, the user manual will guide you how to assemble and disband the stroller efficiently.




Quinny Zapp Flex Stroller


2: Prepare the stroller for usage


Most of the baby stroller are equipped with special hooks or connectors that connect and keep the stroller together. By reading through the instruction manual provided, you can know how and where to unlatch these hooks in proper manner to unfold the baby stroller. Once unfolded, pull or bring the stroller to the right position so that it can lock its wheels.


To use the break, push the brake pads down with your foot and apply some pressure to engage with the break system. Some of the baby stroller produce the “click” sound that indicate the position of locked wheels. Repeat the similar procedure to other rear wheels.




Pockit Melaka


3: Customize and store the essentials in baby gear


Add the necessary items that you want to carry inside the compartment or under seat basket. Some stroller baskets are sufficiently large enough to carry a changing bags or other baby gear. We can store baby wipes, diapers, bottles and other stuff. Additionally, you able to clip those items to your baby stroller so that you no need to carry those things individually.


Most modern baby stroller provide a cup holders and additional accessories such as smartphone cradle for adults. This will provide extra comfort because you can use your baby stroller conveniently and able to store your valueable stuff at the same time.





Baby stroller halomama melaka


4: Adjust the Stroller Seat


Customize and adjust the stroller in such a way that it’s not in a reclining position. Lift your infant and place him tenderly in the baby stroller. Their legs should hang downwards a little and adjust the child safety straps and properly lock them. Make sure the straps is not twisted.





Baby stroller halomama melaka


5: Fold the Sun Canopy


Once you've affixed all the security buckles, fold the attached sun canopy to keep your child protected from sun and UV rays.





Baby stroller halomama melaka


6 : Release Wheel Locks and you're ready to Go


When you're prepared to move, discharge the locks of both wheels. Place your shoe tip beneath the wheel locking mechanism and exert some pressure that will produce a “click” sound. You are now ready to stroll and have a fun adventure with your child.


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