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How to Identify If Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin?

How to Identify If Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin?

Most infants have very delicate skin but you may find that your baby’s skin seems to be extra sensitive. Here are some tips for identifying and treating sensitive skin

How Do I Treat Sensitive Skin?

Q: How do I know if my baby has sensitive skin?

A: If your baby gets recurrent rashes and dry skin, you may need to take extra precautions to keep their delicate skin healthy. Babes with sensitive skin can be irritated by certain soaps, lotions, detergents, frequent bathing and temperature changes. If your baby’s skin reacts to any of these, they likely have sensitive skin.
There are many types of skin irritations that your baby may experience. Here are a few of the most common and what you can do to treat them. Make sure to see your child’s pediatrician if symptoms don’t improve or get worse.

Diaper Rash
If the area around your baby’s bottom is red, they may have a diaper rash. Diaper rashes occur when a diaper is too tight, a wet diaper has been left on for too long or a particular brand of diaper or baby wipe has irritated the skin. Treat it by cleaning the area with water and a washcloth, pat your baby’s bum dry and apply diaper rash cream.

An itchy, red rash that appears on Baby’s face, elbow, chest, arms or behind the knees may be eczema and can be triggered by environmental irritants (such as pollen or cigarette smoke), or allergens in your child’s diet. Current medical opinion recommends daily baths for eczema-prone babies, but make sure to use soap and shampoo at the end so your wee one isn’t sitting in soapy water. 

Heat Rash
Small, pinkish-red bumps that appear in sweat-prone areas like the neck, diaper area and armpits indicate your baby may have heat rash. Humid weather is the culprit for this skin irritation, but it can happen in winter too if your baby is over-bundled. Cool your baby off by removing his or her clothing, apply a cool, wet cloth to the affected areas and let your baby air-dry. Do not rub your babe’s skin with a towel or use ointments or moisturizing creams, which can make heat rash worse. Make sure to keep your little one cool, and see a doctor if the rash doesn’t get better.

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    Töpfer Produkt

    For generations, the bran bath has been part of growing up. The particularly soft and gentle cleaning protects and soothes the sensitive skin of babys and children. Naturally, the bath additive has been produced without any synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives. Instead, natural ingredients such as organic bran, whey and valuable oils unfold their powers.mild bath additive with harmonious combinaton of natural substances

    • ideal for gentle care of grownup skin as well
    • no raw materials on a mineral oil basis
    • with an extra shot of organic olive oil
    • 250 g container with dosing cap


    Töpfer ProduktIn addition to natural substances such as organic wheat bran, whey and precious oils, the bath additive contains an extra drop of rehydrating organic olive oil. This is particularly good for the sensitive skin of children.

    • gently cleans and nurtures
    • ideal for gentle care of grownup skin as well
    • no raw materials based on mineral oil
    • Dermatest “very good”
    • 2oo ml bottle



    Töpfer ProduktThe body lotion with many valuable organic oils is absorbed quickly and amply moisturises the tender baby skin. Babies especially enjoy the soft touch when the body milk is massaged into their skin. The body lotion is also perfectly suited for grownup skin as well.

    • with organic wheat bran, organic calendula and a selection of high-quality organic oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil
    • no raw materials from animals
    • Dermatest “very good”
    • Öko Test “very good”
    • 200 ml bottle


    Töpfer ProduktThe mild face cream with a choice of first-class organic oils is a benefit to every type of skin. The gentle face care moisturises the skin and protects it naturally. The great thing with baby’s care: the cream is easy to spread and is absorbed quickly. Of course the good ingredients are also suited for the care of grownup skin.

    • with organic wheat bran, organic calendula, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic almond oil
    • no raw materials from animals
    • with precious raw materials from organic farming
    • 25 ml or 75 ml tube


    Töpfer Produkt

    With a high percentage of zinc oxide, the paste protects sensitive baby skin against soreness in the diaper area by means of natural ingredients. Skin already red and irritated is soothed since the paste sticks well, it covers the affected areas and repels moisture.

    • with organic wheat bran, organic calendula, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic almond oil
    • with 15 %  zinc oxide
    • unscented
    • water-free
    • no raw materials from animals
    • Ökotest “very good”
    • 25 ml and 75 ml tube

     (Source from: http://www.canadianfamily.ca/kids/baby/how-to-identify-if-your-baby-has-sensitive-skin/)


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