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How to choose the suitable bottle teat ?

How to choose the suitable bottle teat ?

Halo dear Papa & Mama, Baby feeding is not only about choosing the right bottes but also the suitable teat for you baby. Below are some points that need to take note while choosing the right pacifier:

  • Material: Teats are made from either silicone or latex, and babies tend to prefer one or the other. There’s no great difference between them, but latex teats tend to be softer and more flexible although they may need to be replaced regularly, while silicone teats have a reputation for being more durable. Although silicone teats have a reputation for being more durable, while latex teats are said to feel more like a nipple.
  • Shape: Teats also vary in shape, and can be bell-shaped or naturally shaped to resemble a nipple. When it comes down to teat shape and feel, there is no evidence to suggest that one is better than the other, so it is really a question of which your baby prefers.
  • Flow: The flow rate suitable for your baby is not necessarily related to his or her age. Change the teat to a slower-flow one if your baby is spluttering his or her milk out and choking, or to a faster one if he or she is sucking hard but seems to be getting frustrated. You can also buy varieflow teats which either work through increasing flow as the baby's sucking increases or by you rotating the teat and bottle into different positions.


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