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How to Choose the Best Baby Bib for Your Child?

How to Choose the Best Baby Bib for Your Child?

As a parent, you will quickly discover that meal times are messy. It is surprising how little of each meal actually ends up in your baby’s mouth. Baby bibs are a fantastic solution to keeping food off your little ones clothes (and everywhere else) during meal time.

Baby bibs come in all manner of different sizes, shapes and materials. How do you determine which bib is right for your baby?

1.Why your baby needs a bib

If there is one thing baby’s love to do at meal time, it’s make a mess. That baby food may taste yummy but it is much more fun to smear it all over the high chair, clothes and floor.

Chances are that your washing cycle has become much more frequent now you have a baby in the house. While bibs wont prevent mess, a bib does provide a layer of protection between your baby’s meal and the clothes which they are wearing. Rather than constantly washing baby food coated clothes, you simply clean the bib instead.


2.The different types of baby bibs

I)Feeding Bibs

As the name suggests, feeding bibs are placed around your baby’s neck during feeding time. Since feeding a baby can be a messy process, feeding bibs are quite large to protect as much of your infants clothes from food as possible.

Some feeding bibs even come with a pocket to catch any food that falls from your baby’s mouth, not only protecting your baby’s clothes from mess, but also the floor as well.


II)Drool Bibs

Drool bibs are much smaller than feeding bibs. The smaller size allows your little baby to roam with out the fear of being tangled up in a larger feeding bib.

Drool bibs are designed to prevent small amounts of baby dribble from sliding down your baby’s front in and soaking into his clothes.


3.What to look for when comparing baby bibs

  1. The ability to fold up
  2. Ease of cleaning
  3. The Fit
  4. Comfort
  5. Style


Make My Day Baby Bibs

Make My Day are based in the US, and have a gorgeous, fun selection of weaning bibs, which can be purchased via Cheeky Rascals in the UK. There are 16 designs to choose from.Made from 100% food-grade BPA free silicone, the bibs are super soft, stain resistant and dishwasher safe (which is always a bonus in my books!) They clean up beautifully, and are ideal for every day use.

The bib has adjustable straps, which means it will fit from around 6 months until approximately 3 years. It seems very comfortable, and gives a great amount of coverage.It also folds up perfectly to pop in the changing bag for eating out!


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