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Home treatment and remedies for morning sickness

Home treatment and remedies for morning sickness


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For some women, the hardest part of early pregnancy is morning sickness.  It’s uncommon but it is normal for mom to be, some women have morning sickness that last into the second, and even third, trimester.


By any chance you are suffering from nausea, vomiting, or both, you need to take safety precaution that will provide you some comfort. To overcome morning sickness, home treatment is good remedies for you.


There are few proven guidelines below you can follow to improve your condition from morning sickness, possibly gain significant relief from nausea and vomiting:


  • Change you eating habits; What food, when and the amount you eat
  • Taking ginger or vitamin B6. (Studies suggest that taking vitamin B6 for morning sickness greatly improves nausea, though not vomiting, for many pregnant women)
  • Avoid food and smells that cause you feel sick
  • Trying pressure point massage or acupressure, which appears to work for some women.
  • Taking Doxylamine by itself or with vitamin B6. Discuss with your doctor about this medicine


Unless if you have severe, constant nausea and vomiting, consult your doctor immediately. This unusual complication of pregnancy can lead to dehydration and malnutrition, sometimes requiring prescribed medicine or hospitalization.


 morning sickness remedies with ginger, vitamin b6

How can I oversee my morning disorder at home?

The following are safe and proven treatments for morning sickness. All things considered, some women gain complete relief from morning sickness treatment.


  • Certain antihistamines like Doxylamine or Dimenhydrinate, taken as your doctor advises, may soothe morning sickness. However, if one of these antihistamines alone does not relieve your morning sickness, you can try taking it with vitamin B6
  • Ginger, taken routinely as a powder in a capsule, grated fresh into hot water for a tea, or in syrup or crystallized form, may relieve morning sickness after a few days of treatment
  • Vitamin B6, taken consistently as your specialist exhorts, may diminish sickness and retching.
  • Pressure point massage or known as acupressure, firmly placed on the P6 point (the inner side of your arm, in line with your middle finger and one-sixth of the way between your wrist and elbow), relieves nausea for some women.




 nausea and vomit

Follow these rules to reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.


  • Consume food moderately but not too much. An empty stomach can worsen the nausea. Eat several small meals every day instead of three large meals.
  • For morning nausea, eat a little bite (like crackers etc.) before you get out of bed. Allow a couple of minutes for the tidbit to be digested, at that point get up gradually and slowly.
  • Remain hydrated. Drink a considerable measure of liquids. Try a sports hydration drink, as well as water, broth, or juice.
  • Eat more protein, and cut your greasy or fatty food intake.
  • Stay away from smells and foods that influence you to feel nauseated. Citrus juice, milk, coffee, and caffeinated tea commonly make nausea worse.
  • If you are taking iron supplements, consult your doctor if necessary. Iron can worsen the nausea.
  • Get lots of rest. Stress and fatigue also can make morning sickness worse.


Please, consult your doctor IMMEDIATELY if you vomit more than 3 times a day or unable to consume fluids, especially accompanying with pain, fever or both.


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