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Mom's Best Friend Forever
Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers

A carried baby is a happy baby. Infants need to be carried at all times and most parents tend to get irritated when carrying baby for a long time and this will cause an unhealthy lifestyle for both baby and parent. Our baby carrier comes in three different types of carrier.

Ergobaby Carrier Original

   We offer many types of design and colours of this baby carrier . The Ergo Baby Carrier Original can be worn in three positions : front, hip and back. So, you mamas and papas are free to swap to any position you like. We also have our most comfortable paddle and waistband that allow you to go for an adventure. This Ego Baby Carrier is truly original, classic and stylish for both baby and parent.

   Purchasing Ergo Baby Carrier Original is the best choice the the parents as it is convenient and easy to move about. With the baby carrier, parent and baby are able to strengthen their bond as they maintain a closeness throughout the day.

To know more on Ergobaby Original collection:



Ergobaby 360

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

  The Ergobaby 360 has first forward-facing option for you and your baby with great flexibility and comfort. We make sure your baby is always keep in safe hip position. Ergobaby 360 is designed to maintain the hip position and this will keep the baby safe at all times whether it is inward or outward. It added the option of ergonomically seated front-outward position.

  This carrier is easy to handle indoor and outdoor. We offer many types of colours and design that suits you and your baby. The Four Position 360 Carrier will grow with you and your baby so you can experience the world together both comfortably and ergonomically.

To know more about the positioning:


Baby K' Tan Carrier

 Baby K'Tan Carrier is the most simplest carrier. It only comes in one design and it can be placed into few positions that you are comfortable with. The positions are Hug Position, Explorer Positions, Adventure Position, and Hip Position. It is as easy as sliding in on your shoulders without any wrapping or buckle. This carrier is completely safe for your baby because it holds you and your baby firmly.

Check out the website for baby K'Tan carrier : positions 

To know how to put your baby into positions:

Important Notes

It is important to follow safe use practices when wearing your baby at any age in any type of carrier. Very small infants have less head and neck control. Parents must follow the rules of installing baby carrier.

The rules for safety wearing: 

  • Tight
  • In view at all time
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off the chest
  • Supported back
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