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Choosing Safe Pacifiers for Baby

Choosing Safe Pacifiers for Baby

Many parents have a love-hate relationship with pacifiers. Parents dread taking the pacifier away one day or having pacifiers discourage breastfeeding. Before you buy pacifiers for your baby, take a look at these common pacifier features and safety tips to be sure you're choosing the best ones for your baby.

When you're stocking baby's nursery, it's tempting to buy several boxes of those cute little pacifiers. Buying a few pacifiers in different styles is a good idea, wait until you know your baby will take a pacifier before buying too many. Some babies just don't like pacifiers. Others are particular about which pacifiers they will take. Try a few styles with baby before buying a year's supply. Add several styles to your baby registry so your baby has a sampler platter to choose from.

    Orthodontic pacifier nipples have a rounded top and a flat bottom, and were designed to prevent tooth troubles later in baby's life. However, if your baby prefers a rounded traditional pacifier nipple, go with what works. Both types of pacifier nipples have been found to increase bite problems, like overbite, later in life, but limiting the amount of time baby spends with the pacifier and taking the pacifier away after baby's first year can minimize dental damage.

      Silicone or Latex?

      Both silicone and latex have advantages, and the choice usually comes down to baby's preference. Silicone is sturdy, doesn't retain odors, cleans up easily and is harder for baby to bite through. Silicone is not as soft on baby's mouth, though. Latex is soft in baby's mouth and baby may like the way it retains scents, but latex doesn't hold up as well to repeated cleanings and little teeth can quickly chew through it.

        Must-Have Features

        A safe pacifier should be at least 1.5 inches across to prevent choking. Anything smaller won't meet federal safety standards for choking hazards. The well-known brands in major stores are usually a safe bet for size. If you're browsing super-cheap pacifiers in a dollar store or other discount venue, it's a good idea to measure just in case.

        Many babies develop rashes from the constant moisture under the pacifier shield. Pacifiers that have vent holes in the shield to let air get to baby's skin could help. Color and style are up to you, but brightly colored pacifiers are easier to spot under vehicle seats and in diaper bags. Glow-in-the-dark pacifiers might be easier to find at bedtime. Be sure the pacifier can be boiled or put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

        1.Dr Brown's PreVent® Contoured

        Developed by a pediatric dentist to help prevent dental issues.

        All the same benefits as the Regular Shield PreVent Pacifier but with a contoured shield design that helps keep the shield from coming into contact with baby’s face. The Patented Suction-Free Air Channel opens up as baby sucks for low pressure comfort helping lower the pressures inside the baby’s mouth. These pressures can sometimes create dental issues such as cross bites. Palatial pressure is lessened by creating an air channel that reduces suction and spreads apart when baby is sucking.

        2.Dr Brown's PreVent® Contoured Glow-in-the-Dark

        Developed by a pediatric dentist to help prevent dental issues – and now easier to see and find.
        Soft, suction-release bulb spreads wider as baby sucks for low-pressure comfort, plus thin-stem design is minimally intrusive on baby’s mouth. Contoured “butterfly” shaped shield curves away from baby’s face for comfort, plus allows plenty of room for little noses and cheeks. Safe, non-toxic illumination makes it easy for baby and parents to find at night and is easy to recharge – just expose to light. BPA-free and designed for babies 0 to 6 months or 6-12 months.


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