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Mom's Best Friend Forever
Bubbles Disposable Breastpads REVIEW

Bubbles Disposable Breastpads,great protection while keeping skin and clothes dry!

The disposable breast pads by Bubbles are designed with mom's comfort in mind. It is contour fit, breathable and super absorbent. Each breast pad is individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness and hygienic.

Bubbles disposable breast pads has soft lining edge to prevent leakage while providing extra softness and comfort.

The soft elastic side helps to create a natural contour fit in bra and the super absorbent material used provides great protection while keeping skin and clothes dry.

Bubbles Disposable Breastpads 60+12 melaka

Each box consists of 60pcs with additional 12pcs FREE, each individually wrapped for mother's convenience and hygiene.

Packing : 60+12pcs


Product Features & Benefits

  • Super Adsorbent
    • Made of super adsorbent material that able to adsorb wetness immediately and traps liquid in order to provide great protection on skin and clothing
  • Contour Fit
    • Gentle and soft elastic to create natural curve and contour fit while wearing the breast pad
  • Breathable
    • The lining material used is super soft and air-through which keeps skin and clothing at optimum dryness
  • Clean and Hygiene
    • Each breast pad is individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.


Our Verdict:

  1. Very soft and comfort
  2. Recommended for all breast feeding mom
  3. Thick and of good quality, is individually packed so easily portable and can use through the day with no issues

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