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Baby Gates: The UNBEATABLE baby proofing tool

Baby Gates: The UNBEATABLE baby proofing tool

It can be surprisingly difficult to locate the perfect baby gate for your house. This is largely due to every house being different and don’t get me started on those houses that aren’t quite up to code

2 things you need to do before buying a baby gate:

Before you rush out and buy any old baby gate there are two very important things you need to take into consideration and they both involve measuring.

1. What distance does your baby gate need to cover?

The first thing you will need to do is measure the area you are going to section off with a baby gate. Be as accurate as possible as there is nothing worse than taking a baby gate home only to find it is to short to perform it’s purpose.

2. How tall is your baby?

While you are measuring your home, quickly measure your baby too. When choosing a baby gate it should be at least three quarters of your little ones height. Even the most adventurous of babies should be unable to pull himself over a baby gate of this height.

Be mindful that once your baby grows taller than 36 inches or heavier than 30 pounds, you should no longer be relying on a safety gate to restrain him. This height and weight is usually reached around the two year old mark.

If your baby is large for his age, do not worry. There are extra tall baby gates available to ensure the safety of your little one.


Baby Dan Premier Pressure Indicator Gate (Black)European Safety Standard  

Eyes for Safety - Triple Locking Mechanism

Baby Dan has keen eyes for safety when it comes to your kids. This friendly Baby Dan Premier Gate slim line handle is easy to operate and yet childproof. The gate triple locking mechanism will ensure the best security for your whole family.


Swing with Style

The gateway is also wide enough to accommodate easy walk through. Plus,the door can swing open both ways for your convenience. This Baby Dan Premier True Pressure Fit Safety Gate comes in black, white or silver toblend in marvellously with any home decor. So bring this reliable guardian to adorn your family living space today.


Easy as ABC Installation

This user friendly Baby Dan Premier True Pressure Fit Safety Gate is very easy to install. The metal is light yet sturdy enough to guard yourchild from wandering around unsupervised. The Baby Dan Gate pressure indicator system saves you from any drilling work that left marks on thewall. So, secure this child safety gate either at the door frame, or even at the top or base of the stairs. Security in a snap of the fingers!

Patented Pressure Indicator System

AllBaby Dan products are made exclusively in Denmark. This safety gate uses the Baby Dan patented pressure indicator system to enhance security. When the indicator colour is white or the protruding part is invisible, it shows that the gate is mounted correctly. However, if the indicator is red or the protruding part is visible, then you have to tighten the gate nuts. If the protruding indicator is still visible, then you can add wall cups.

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