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3 Creative Ways to Organise Toys ( & make live easy!)

3 Creative Ways to Organise Toys ( & make live easy!)

Toys toys everywhere looking like they’ve never been organised ever!

Shoved into overflowing toy boxes, pieces scattered around the house, so nothing can be found easily.

And at the end of the day, yanked out are left in huge heaps, any thought of toy organisation a million miles away, shoved in wherever they can be shoved.
Sound familiar? 


An Easy Way to Organise Toys!

Less toys really would be more. But in the meantime have found a way to organise toys that makes a massive difference.

  1. It saves space.
  2. Toys get played with more.
  3. It makes them easy for even little kids to put away.
  4. It won’t cost you a fortune.


How to Organise Baby Toys 

All you need is a bunch of document zipper bags like these 

Simply take toys out of boxes and put each in a zipper bag. If there is a jigsaw picture on the box or game instructions just cut them out and add to the bag. Then round up the collections that have wandered all over the house whether it’s playdough cutters, toy food or kits that are so much more fun when you’ve got all the bits! And put each kit or collection in a zipper bag.

There’s absolutely no need to label ‘cos kids can easily see the toys inside. It really saves so much space!


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For more interesting details you could check out on this youtube channel 

(Source from: This helpful blog page


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