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Tips for Feeding Baby

Tips for Feeding Baby

Babies show hunger and fullness cues regardless they are breastfed or bottle fed.

When hungry, your baby will have the behaviour of searching milk.
Feed your baby when you notice these early hunger cues:
o Wakes up and moves
o Licks the lips
o Turns his head to search with an open mouth
o Sucks his hand or fist
o Crying and fussiness are usually late hunger cues. The babies are “very hungry” by that time. However, a baby may cry for other reasons.
o Feeding is a time for you and your baby to bond closely. Hold your baby skin-to-skin during feeding. This makes him feel calm, safe and warm
o When you are unable to feed the baby yourself, get opportunities to cradle him and attend to him in other daily routines. This also helps your baby bond with you

Feeding the baby:

1. Wash your hands before you feed the baby. Put the bib on her. Get yourself into a comfortable position and a seat with arm support.
2. Hold your baby close to you with her head higher than the rest of the body. Babies are usually more comfortable with breathing and swallowing in this slightly upright posture.
3. Let your baby see the feeding bottle. Gently touch her lips with the teat. She will react and open her mouth, then you place the teat inside.
4. Tilt the bottle. Keep the teat full of milk during feeding, so that your baby does not swallow too much air.
5. When your baby stops or slows her sucking, partially move the teat out. If the baby still wants feeding, she will draw it in again. Take a break to burp your baby if she releases the teat. Offer the bottle again after burping. Stop feeding if she shows fullness cues.

Important Notes
■ Do not add or mix any food or medicines into the infant formula to feed your baby.
■ Do not force your baby to drink all the formula. Throw away the left-over formula milk.
■ During feeding, avoid striking the bottle, or tickling her mouth with the teat. This makes her uncomfortable.
■ Never prop up the bottle or leave your baby alone during a feeding. This puts her at risk of choking and suffocation.
■ Do not let your baby sleep with the bottle. This may cause tooth decay and result in poor sleeping habit.

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