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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Our Story

Halo Mama(s) & Papa(s)!

Thank you for visiting our page!

Congratulations for having your new family members coming to this beautiful world!

Please feel free to talk with us for any issues with parenthood, informations on pregnancy and baby issues, offering selected good quality baby products for you is only part of our business, our main business is providing new born parents full support in preparing for being parents, and doing our best in welcoming your little ones with you. We have a list that constantly updating, on Motherhood, doctors, maternity care providers, etc etc that I believe you would be interested with.

None of us been parents before we having our first child. We hope that tt least we could provide a little bit of convenience and support when come to preparation for a happy growing up journey for the parenthood and baby, we want to do something for you,

Our products are carefully selected and researched, 100% genuine with original warranty, and definitely contribute in helping you with your daily life and sparks up some fun and great little time for you and your cute little one!

Baby deserves best things in the world! (So are mothers ! (and also father:) ))


What we are Doing ( & Going to do)

"We research, we buy, we try, we share, we get you good bargain!"

We had been in the business since late 2015. We are have a servicing HQ, one warehouse and also expanding "for your ultimate convenient" shops to serve our clients from different places.

Our first physical project shops is launched in 7th May 2016, Melaka, at the same row of Kings Hotel Ayer Keroh, please drop by and I believe it will be a different experience for you and a valuable oppportunity for us to introduce ourselves to you. 

Our Second project shops is launched in 2017 late August, Cheng, opposite Tesco Cheng to serves the new born parent in need for good quality baby products, and need not travel all the way to KL.

We are currently planning to expand our shops to serves more parents, few of the new shops will launch this year. If you are interested in partnering with us for some side incomes and shares your valuable motherhood experiences to support more new parents, please feel free to discuss with us too! Open Discussion are always welcome!


Whom we Are

We are a team of kids lovers and baby products shopaholics! We had been travelling and visiting baby fairs over the world, and these baby products are just so gorgeously well design and adorable aren't they? (and they are cleverly functional and super helpful).

Currently, Halomama.com is an assets of Coconut Republic Interactive Combinator Sdn Bhd, which is an ECommerce Intrapreneur company that bring innovations to the industry, and convenience for consumer seeking for better products at its best price. 

We also provides ECommerce in field learning opportunity for all the young future entrepreneur which is currently studying in their university. We had trained averagely 30 students every year in ECommerce and digital marketing with famous Local university for their internship programs.


For Mamas/ Papas/ Bloggers/ Celebrities Suppliers/ Resellers/ Medias/ Platforms/ Jobseekers


We are a growing company with good intention and huge potential.

If any of you kind people pass by our site, have some thoughts wanted to share with us, or any other plan to offer, please do contact us. 


What Else?

Please check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media!

If you are very kind and nice and have a little more time, could you please do us a small favor:

Please like or share us on Facebook or to your friends in any other social media or blog or wherever you think maybe helpful for Halomama.com. In exchange, I give you my sincere appreciation from heart.