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About Us

Halo Mama(s)!

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We are baby products and mothercare items online shop.

Our products are carefully selected, 100% genuine with original warranty, and definitely contribute in helping you with your daily life and sparks up some fun and great little time for you and your cute little one!

Baby deserves best things in the world! (So are mothers !)


What we are Doing

"We research, we buy, we try, we share, we get you good bargain!"

We had been in the business since late 2015. We have a servicing HQ and two warehouse to serve our clients from different places.

Our first physical project shops is ready and soft launched in 7th May 2016, Melaka, at the same row of Kings Hotel Ayer Keroh, please drop by and I believe it will be a different experience for you and a valuable oppportunity for us to introduce ourselves to you.


Whom we Are

We are a team of mothers with babies and young children. We come into this business for the love of our kids and maybe the real reasons is that, we are baby products shopaholics! Those baby products are just so gorgeously well design and adorable aren't they? (and they are cleverly functional and super helpful)

Our team are form by close friends and family members. We had strategic alliances which are groups of well experienced and product knowledgeable moms.

Shin C., is the founder of Halomama, and Halomama.com online business activities are supported by RJ Chen., Angela S. and Z.Lee from Coconut Republic Interactive Combinator Sdn Bhd.

Coconut Republic is a combinator company that involved in new business funding, start up, road-mapping and marketing. Coconut Republic normally taking position with client's both online and offline business development, and majority of the clients are from E-Commerce. They are very talented and helpful. 

Currently, Coconut Republic is handling Halomama.com financial planning, logistic and marketing.


Founders' Halo!

Hi, I am Shin, mother of two Kids.

The idea of opening a baby products online boutiques comes in 2013, when I was having my first Child.  During the time preparing for welcoming my little ones, I was panic when learning there were  so many items to get ready. I have to source from such a huge variety of brands and items, its somehow felt like finding something in the sea.

Thankfully there are many helpful moms around, and Google became my best friend. I seeking advices through forums and groups for others valuable experience and sharing, and I also started picking up knowledge through online researches, and some of the great bloggers and opinion leader website and media.

Being mom is happiest thing ever after, yet never easy. 

One of the fun thing is, those baby gear and mother care stuff are interestingly attractive yet gorgeous. I became a baby products shopaholic. I bought quite some amount of strollers from 3 different countries, and 6 baby carriers from different material to different brand for different functions and whatever related, I had 20 milk bottles and 30 plus tethers which half was never used and kept.

When my children grown up at age of 2, I decided to quit my job to take care of them. and we need to make a living. During a tea talk with my close friends Angela, we both had a brainstorm for an afternoon and decided to do start this baby product business. 

Our main objective is to :

1. Earn our own living and saving more time for our kids.

2. Provide carefully selected good quality baby products for New mothers and New borns at

3. Provide good CP value items and better bargain and better payment item.

4. Open a down to earth conceptual baby and mother shop that are different with the merchant out there. We want to build a comfortable community shop that mother could shop and share of information with other mothers, have a relaxing tea break during their pregnancy. The conceptual shop will host some activities with volunteers including meditations, consultations for new parents or sharing of knowledge and things that could contribute a little to new mothers.

5. Provide an alternative working opportunity for mothers whom wanted to earn a living while taking care of their be loving babies.

6. Build a business model for mothers that may need to work SOHO. ( We have plans with this and still working things out. That is part of the reason we hold hold online shop)

7. We want to build a non profit charity organization for supporting Mothers and kids ASAP. The NGO is planned to cover helpline, family planning, marriage consultancy, single parent support, kids in need, and relevant social welfare activities. The funds of the NGO will first supported by percentage of annual profit of Halomama.com and hopefully others interested parties could join us when things are ready.

Many of the above are still in experimental stage, and some are goals for us to achieve. Your support is extremely valuable for us.

We guarantee the items that are offer in our online shop is 100% genuine and will provide sufficient support and services for our clients including items warranty. 

Most of our products are source from local distributors with local servicing plant, and some are imported from overseas manufacturers under approval for the reason they are good, but haven't had a distributor here.


For Mamas/ Papas/ Bloggers/ Celebrities Suppliers/ Resellers/ Medias/ Platforms/ Jobseekers


We are a growing company with good intention and huge potential.

If any of you kind people pass by our site, have some thoughts wanted to share with us, or any other plan to offer, please do contact us. 


What Else?

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