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How to choose the suitable bottle teat ?

How to choose the suitable bottle teat ?

Every baby has his or her own preference. Thus, it is recommended for Papas & Mamas to try out for their baby to choose the most suitable teat
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mimijumi 8 oz malaysia melaka

Mimijumi – Probably the BEST baby bottle of 2018? Our review and why this unique baby bottle deserve your money!

Is there a time when you need to breastfeed but work life does not permit you to do it? You surely began introduce your baby to the bottle or cup right?

To avoid nipple confusion or problems with babies latching, then this Mimijumi Baby bottle is for you! Click to find out more about this unique Mimijumi Baby bottle :)

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Baby pacifiers in melaka malaysia best price!

Looking for pacifier? We'll guide you how to properly choose and buy baby pacifiers! The right wayy ;)

There are few things you need to consider before buying pacifiers for your cute little ones.

Plus, studies have shown that pacifiers incredibly reduces risk of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) by by 90 percent! Click to find out more about pacifiers :D 


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