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Mom's Best Friend Forever


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Breastmilk is important for your baby’s development. If you handle it carefully, it contains all the natural vitamins and nutrients your baby needs. The right choice of container for storing your milk is therefore very important. For this reason, V-Coool Breastmilk Bottles are and always have been made from BPA-free materials.The breastmilk storage bottles have side marking showing quantity of contents up to 6oz or 180ml.

V-Coool Breastmilk Bottles are compatible with most standard breast pumps (Spectra, Ameda, etc) – can pump directly into the bottle.

V-Coool Breastmilk Bottles have been designed for safe, long-term storage of breastmilk. You can pump breastmilk for your baby directly into the bottles and store it until it is needed. Breastmilk can be stored in these bottles in the fridge or in the freezer and can be used directly from the bottle when thawed. That means not a single drop of precious breastmilk is wasted and you have less washing up to do.


1. Store milk in single serving size to avoid wastage.

2. Leave some room at the top of the bottle to allow for expansion when milk freezes.

3. Screw on the cover.

4.Label milk with the date and time it was expressed.

5. Store milk in refrigerator and freezer.

6. Keep milk in the back of the freezer/refrigerator away from the door.


- Safe & Non-toxic (BPA free and Phthalates Free)

- US FDA approved material for safe storage

- Made of 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) for safe & longer storage

- Embossed ounce/ml markings for durability