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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba Wide Neck Bottle Nipple Round Hole 1pcs

RM 11.90 RM 15.00

Highly restored breastfeeding feeling, nipple golden ratio length, soft touch, simulated areola atomization design.
Made of 100% food-grade platinum silicone from Shin-Etsu, Japan, it has high resilience and will not collapse due to sucking.
Aspir5.0 intelligent anti-colic decompression system, anti-choking, anti-spill, and anti-colic.
The anti-colic nipple has the most complete specifications in the industry, with 8-stage flow rate feeding.
High temperature resistance up to 150 ° C, steam sterilization, boiling sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization.
It has passed the strict inspection of the international authoritative SGS, and does not contain bisphenol A&S, plasticizers and eight heavy metals.
It is designated for use by authoritative hospitals in the middle of the month. The success rate of newborn feeding is high, and the breastfeeding bottle is not confused with breastfeeding.

Material:Food Grade Platinum Silicone (-40℃~+150℃)
Diameter :Wide Diameter
Target :0m~6m+

hole type :round hole

Precautions :Please rub the vent hole lightly before use to avoid poor ventilation and cause unsmooth sucking or depression. Rinse with clean water and sterilize it in hot water for 2-3 minutes, or put it in a sterilizer and put it in a baby bottle with a lid.