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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba Silicone Pacifier 0m/6m

RM 19.90

Strictly selected food-grade silicone is soft and elastic, the whole piece can be bitten, and the three-dimensional bump on the handle can help the baby massage the gums.

Feature Description

  • Strict selection of food-grade silicone, high temperature disinfection.
  • The thumb-shaped special shape design conforms to the structure of the baby's lips and teeth. Long-term sucking keeps the baby's mouth shape unchanged, allowing the normal development of the gums and dentition.
  • Grip bump design, can massage the gums.

Product Specification

Modeling : Thumb Type

Size : Small (0M) / Large (6M+)

Material : 

Pacifier: Silicone (-20℃~120℃)

Dust cover: polypropylene PP (-20℃~100℃)