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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba Spinning - Lid Milk Powder Container

RM 25.90 RM 32.00

Intimate and multi-purpose, with a box cover, you can use each compartment separately to pack non-staple food or snacks, carefully selected PP material, light weight and resistant to falling, no BPA, no space to carry when going out, pre-filled milk powder for milk powder More convenient and time-saving, freeze-frame quantitative and accurate control of baby's meal.

Feature Description

  • Strictly select food grade PP material, SGS inspection does not contain bisphenol A.
  • Intimate positioning of the tenon and slide rail design, easy to unscrew to prevent milk powder from floating.
  • The design of the smooth bottom of the cup, the milk powder does not remain, and the cleaning has no dead ends.
  • The capacity of each box is about 54g of milk powder (1 spoon = about 4.5g, can hold 12 spoons), which can brew 360ml of milk or 120g of rice porridge.

Feature Specification

Colour : Blue / Pink

Material : Polypropylene (-20℃~+100℃)