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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba Pacifier Strap / Case

RM 23.50 RM 27.00


Make the cuteness even more double, the wearing rate is NO.1, and the cute and fun shape is new debut, the pop-up fixing clip is easy to operate, and it is easy to hold the large and small belongings with one button. It is suitable for 99.99% of pacifiers on the market. Multi-purpose accessories to prevent the loss of small objects, a good friend of pacifiers, passed the international professional SGS inspection.
Feature Description
  • Pass the strict inspection of international SGS.
  • The pop-up clip can easily clip the pacifier chain to your baby's clothes.
  • Intimate clasp design, can easily buckle the pacifier, prevent it from falling, lost or dirty.
  • The dust-proof storage box can prevent the pacifier from being directly exposed to dust.
Product Specification
Colour : Blue / Pink / Orange / Brown
Material : 
Fixing clip: Modified PCT (-10℃~+90℃)
Storage box: ABS (-10℃~+70℃)
Buckle: PE(-10℃~+110℃)
Adjustment button: POM (-10℃~+110℃)
Webbing: TC(-10℃~+100℃)