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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba 2 in 1 Feeding Spoon

RM 16.90

Special fork spoon, every bite is fascinating, using soft materials, does not hurt the baby's gums, take me! love good food.

Feature Description

  • Pass the strict inspection of international SGS.
  • One spoon for two purposes, can be used for feeding babies and food preparation.
  • Good entrance - in line with the size of the baby's mouth, the liquid is not easy to flow out.
  • Good Grip - Consistent with the holding gesture, it is easier to scoop up food.
  • Soft end - using soft material, does not hurt the baby's gums, learning to eat more at ease.
  • Hard end - convex line design on the back, easy to scrape fruit puree, adjust rice and wheat paste, etc.

Product Specifications

Colour : Blue / Pink

Material : 

Soft spoon: thermoplastic rubber (-20℃~+100℃)

Hard spoon: polypropylene (-20℃~+100℃)